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Dec 2007 | No Comment

The LBS stream

It’s integral to the day-to-day functioning in the developed world.

In Asia, Japan and Korea lead the way.

The undercurrents are becoming visible in India.

First, it was the state-owned BSNL to join the LBS bandwagon.

Later, the private player Bharti Airtel followed suit.

Market dynamics indicate positive trends for LBS.

With the mobile phones holding the pulse of the nation,

Location based service is the logical next step.

Service and technology providers stand poised to lead.

The government will hopefully provide necessary support.

Although the common man is not an avid map user,

Exposing them to new technologies is a welcome beginning.

Hopefully in the New Year, the strong currents will have pushed

LBS into the main stream.

Bal Krishna, Editor

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