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AWS Region in the UAE

The AWS Region in the United Arab Emirates is now open. The official name is Middle East (UAE), and the API name is me-central-1. one can start using it to deploy workloads and store your data in the United Arab Emirates. The AWS Middle East (UAE) Region is the second Region in the Middle East, joining the AWS Middle East (Bahrain) Region.

Sanborn expands the Sanborn M-Map coverage

The Sanborn Map Company, Inc. has announced it has successfully completed the collection of geospatial data for 4,250 line miles of highway throughout the western United States, allowing the firm to appreciably expand the reach of its Sanborn M-Map® product line. Sanborn M-Map®, an HD Map product line developed for the autonomous vehicle market, provides precision datasets with absolute accuracy – thus enhancing safety and operational capability for our clients.

New tech to maritime infrastructure asset inspectors

Qii.AI has entered into a strategic alliance with Kongsberg Maritime, a provider of maritime technologies that is majority owned by the Norwegian government. Under the terms of the arrangement, sonar inspection experts and other subscribers to Kongsberg’s recently launched ScanFuse™ service, will gain access to Qii.AI’s asset visualization and inspection platform that enables collaborative, remote, AI-assisted inspection of concrete and steel structures like bridges, dams, ships, and turbines.

Resecurity expands AI-driven threat intelligence in Peru

Resecurity, Inc., a U.S. cybersecurity and intelligence company, announced its partnership with CFBD to expand Resecurity’s AI-driven cybersecurity solutions and services to Peru. Based in Lima, it is a leading distribution company specializing in engineering development and IT infrastructure for electronic security and artificial intelligence. Resecurity’s innovative cybersecurity solutions allow organizations to automate the identification, assessment, and triage of incoming cyber threats while staying ahead of cybercriminals using advanced tactics to attack organizations at scale. and SANY to develop next-gen autonomous trucks has announced a strategic joint venture with SANY Heavy Truck (SANY), a subsidiary of SANY Heavy Industry, China’s number one heavy equipment manufacturer and the third largest heavy equipment manufacturer globally. The two companies will deeply integrate’s “virtual driver” with SANY’s technical accumulation in the field of wire-controlled chassis and vehicle development to jointly develop high-end heavy trucks that are automotive-grade and have L4-class redundancies. completes test of its autonomous driving solution has announced the results of the latest fully-driverless test of its Driver 2.0 L4 production-ready autonomous driving solution. It released a video exhibiting a driverless vehicle retrofitted with a production-ready L4 solution on Central Business District roads in Shenzhen, demonstrating its advanced capacity in complex and challenging traffic environments.

Lyft unveils self-driving cars in Las Vegas

US-based ride-hailing service business Lyft has said that it will allow its users to hail a new kind of self-driving vehicle around the Las Vegas Strip. Significantly, the car will have two `safety drivers,` who will override the control in case of any emergency or other discrepancies. This scenario puts the entire dialogue and hype around autonomous driving into question as the technology required for self-driving cars still lags behind. Even after spending a decade promising self-driving cars, tech and automotive companies fail to deliver the promise. Moreover, the driverless autonomous car is still years, even decades behind entering into commonplaces, according to The New York Times.

Arm, Cruise and the driverless road ahead

Britain-based semiconductor maker Arm announced its partnership with US-based self-driving company Cruise LLC to catapult the development of self-driving autonomous vehicles. This partnership lets Arm develop high-performance, low-power computing systems while letting innovators like Cruise continue and experiment with its innovations.

Ecom Express partnership with what3words

Ecom Express, one of India’s leading last-mile delivery service providers, has announced its partnership with innovative location technology what3words to ensure that deliveries can be made precisely to any 3-metre square in India using just three words. Now, Ecom Express’ customers (online shopping sites) can add a what3words fi eld at checkout to ensure precise address and a best-in-class delivery experience for end-consumers.

Autonomous vehicle navigation with mapping solution

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions has introduced the AutoMine® Mapping Solution to maximise productivity and improve safety of autonomous vehicle navigation in underground mining operations through the use of mapped data.

It is a next generation product that enables a vehicle to safely record an underground 3D environment with a mine mapping tool, and convert 3D maps to 2D. Faster confi guration, and the possibility to continue to operate other equipment within the area while it is being mapped, increases productivity and effi ciency.

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