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LAND-PAK possesses strong technological differentials

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Helder Delfino

Owner, Topomap, about potential of LAND-PAK Survey System in the Brazilian Market

What is the significance of the LAND-PAK Survey System in the Brazilian market?

In the 1990’s there was a great change in the Brazilian Geo-technology market, with the introduction of Total Stations, substituting the products that were available at the time. In the 2000´s, there was yet another transformation in the market with the introduction of the GPS L1/L2. During the 2010´s we had a new and upcoming GPS and RTK user community. By the years 2013 and 2014, there was a nation-wide spread of RTK equipment use, due to the creation of an RTK user community in the Brazilian market. LAND-PAK possesses strong technological diff erentials and has assumed an important role in the growth and use of RTK for survey applications; since there were more than 150 pairs of LAND-PAK inserted into the Brazilian market last year alone.

What features and benefits does NavCom offer that differentiates it from others?

NavCom equipment diff erentiates itself from other existing equipment for the following reasons:

• Excellent cost/benefit relationship

• High reliability and ease of operation

• Unique product capabilities such as a Lifetime Starfire License and RTK-X technology

• Excellent support to clients that purchased equipment through Topomap; the main LAND-PAK dealer in Brazil

How is NavCom’s LANDPAK system changing the industry in the Brazilian market?

The topography industry has been evolving quickly. LANDPAK was introduced in Brazil with an excellent cost/benefit relationship, which facilitated its acquisition by Topography companies. The inclusion of StarFire, RTK Extend along with other features has increased the desire to adopt RTK technology in Brazil. The increased use of RTK in this industry created the necessity to retrain the technicians involved, as to strengthen the technical knowledge of these professionals. This resulted in lower production costs and increase in productivity of such professionals, thus creating new job opportunities and raising profitability of Topography companies. Today, the mapping data produced using RTK presents more accuracy, which results in a higher reliability of topographic survey utilizing GPS.

Can you explain a specific challenge that the LAND-PAK system helped you overcome?

Recently, LAND-PAK was utilized in the survey of the rails in the Norte-Sul railroad. They needed a quick survey of the rails, and the Starfire global augmentation signal capability was used for this purpose eliminating the need for base station set-up, thereby saving considerable time for the end user. Approximately 700 km were surveyed during 3 days in the field.

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