A 2006 mapping challenge

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Kumar Mapping (KMap) System

I recently checked the following two “real” products and my fi ndings are:

1. In Germany, the scale of its basic map series is 1: 5,000 and these maps are then used to produce 1: 25 k and/or 1: 50 k. At this scale for a “normal” size map, the ellipsoidal area covered will be around 2’ x 2’. This small size trapezoid will have a “bulge” of about 20 cm and thus, this ellipsoidal area will be 99.9999999.. % or 1 part in 30 million FLAT. The distortion will be zero. This fl atness is PERFECT to make distortion-free a KMap and/or KChart.

Challenge # 1: Why would any cartographer would need Mercator or Lambert or Hotine or Polyconic or any other projection to make this 2’ x 2’ size ellipsoidal trapezoid more fl at? Instead, they distort more.

2. Here, I checked the REAL height data sets for the ellipsoidal heights (h) and the orthometric heights (H) for 11 States, viz., Washington, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, New York, and Kansas. The differences between “ Δh” and “ ΔH” for the 2’ x 2’ area covered by a 1: 5 k scale map were less than 2-3 cm and thus, for Contour Interval (CI) even as small as 1 meter, the ellipsoidal height contours will work perfectly.

Challenge # 2: Is there any expert mapmaker who can prove this procedure wrong?

On 10th April 2005, I had a presentation on “KMap System” in RK Puram, New Delhi, where the eminent SOI and NHO experts, INCA’s distinguished members, and ex-SOI galaxy of retired offi cers were present. My new research of this conceptual approach is more than “an interesting idea”. I challenge all Indian cartographers to accept the technique as the 21st century revolution for making maps/charts thousands of time better than the present distorted ones. Let anyone come forward to prove that “It will not work”.

The future “quality” of India’s DSMs and OSMs is at stake!

Muneendra Kumar
Ph.D. is Chief Geodesist
(Retired), US National
Geospatial Intelligence Agency

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