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AibotX6 Version 2

Aibotix GmbH has presented a new solution for high-precision surveying with Version 2 of its hexacopter AibotX6: High Precision GNSS. The precision and quality of the surveying data can be significantly improved by using RTK technology on the basis of the SmartNet (Leica Geosystems AG) correction data service. Post-processing is also a possible alternative.

Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping System

Trimble® Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution (TIMMS) produces fast and accurate maps of even the most difficultto- navigate indoor spaces and translates them directly into 2D and 3D models of structured interiors. TIMMS 2 is the optimal fusion of technologies for capturing spatial data of indoor and other GNSS denied areas. It provides both LiDAR and spherical video, enabling the creation of accurate, reallife representations of interior spaces and all of their contents.

Rockwell Collins wins DARPA award

Rockwell Collins has been selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop technologies that could serve as a backup to GPS. The research, being conducted as part of DARPA’s Spatial, Temporal and Orientation Information in Contested Environments (STOIC) program, aims to reduce warfighter dependence on GPS for modern military operations.

VeraPhase™ 6000 by Tallysman™

Tallysman has announced the commercial availability of the outstanding VeraPhase™ 6000 antenna Series. This family of antennas provides the lowest axial ratios (horizon to horizon, through all azimuths) across all GNSS frequencies (<0.5dB at zenith, <2 dB at horizon), great front to back ratios at all elevations, high efficiency (>70%), a tight PCV (± 1mm through all frequencies, azimuths, and elevations), and a consistent PCO through all frequencies.

Septentrio announces the AsteRx-U

Septentrio has launched two successors to the highly successfully APS-U. The AsteRx-U and the AsteRx-U Marine are multi-constellation dual antenna receivers which incorporate the latest GNSS tracking and positioning algorithms and interference mitigation.

Two new products for the SAILOR satcom range

Both the SAILOR 656X GNSS and new SAILOR 657X DGNSS are blackbox products designed to be part of an eco-system that the company refers to as its‘Multi-Function Universe’. The touch-screen SAILOR 6004 control panel forms the heart of this ‘universe’, providing full control for all products connected to it from a single device. These two products join the already available SAILOR 6391 Navtex and SAILOR 628X AIS as new generation products designed to work with the SAILOR 6004 control panel.

Smallest MediaTek Multi- GNSS Module

GlobalTop Technology has launched FireFly X1, the smallest MediaTekbased Multi-GNSS module in the world. With an ultra-compact size of 9.0 x 9.5 x 2.1 mm, it’s one of the smallest Multi-GNSS modules in the industry. It uses the latest MT3333 engine with full support for GPS, QZSS, Glonass, Beidou and is also Galileo ready.

Trimble Transforms Satellite Data into Intelligence

Trimble® Remote Sensing Suite is a new software suite that enables geospatial professionals to efficiently extract high-quality information from satellite imagery for environmental,
urban planning, agriculture, oil and gas, mining and engineering applications. It is a powerful combination of Inpho® SATMaster module for satellite imagery processing and eCognition® software for object-based feature extraction.

Hemisphere GNSS Introduces Atlas, AtlasLink

AtlasLink, the multi-GNSS, multifrequency smart antenna, is preconfigured to receive corrections from the new Atlas platform. The bundled AtlasLink solution provides users worldwide with the easiest way to utilize Atlas corrections — either directly from AtlasLink, or on their existing receivers via innovative new technologies built into AtlasLink. It offers innovative and accessible correction service options, providing leading performance in demanding applications and environments. Available today through various subscription and bundle options, it is a fl exible correction service with correction data delivered via L-band satellites or over the Internet at accuracy levels ranging from meter-level to sub decimeter-level.

PCTEL launches new GNSS Micro Helix Antenna Series

PCTEL, Inc. has announced the commercial availability of its GPS/ GLONASS high performance asset tracking and synchronization helix antennas. These antennas capture the frequencies needed for GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS satellite reception. This cross-compatibility allows global OEMs to use one standard platform to serve both European and U.S. markets.

New Leica Viva GS14 GNSS Boosts Field Connectivity

Leica Geosystems is taking a big step in GNSS with the addition of a new hybrid communication technology to its Leica Viva GS14 GNSS. It now supports Verizon CDMA solutions, along with all standard 2G/3G networks and UHF TX/RX radio in a single device. Users simply slide in their SIM card to experience instant connectivity for faster and easier field communications and SmartNet RTK corrections.

Telit SE873

Telit has introduced the Jupiter SE873, currently the most advanced GNSS module on the market. This complete GNSS receiver is packaged in a 7 x 7 x 1.85 mm QFN module and includes SQI Flash memory, an integrated Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), SAW filter, and Real Time Clock (RTC). It supports Assisted GPS plus SBAS which improve Time- To-First-Fix and position accuracy.

Rx Networks Announces

Rx Networks Inc. has launched location. io, a feature-rich, highly modular location platform. enables advanced, seamless indoor and outdoor positioning whether for mass market consumer devices, IoT devices, or specialized, highaccuracy applications.

Teledyne Optech launches Lynx SG-S mobile surveying solution

Teledyne Optech announced the addition of the Optech Lynx SG-S system to its line of Lynx mobile survey systems. The Lynx SG-S dramatically raises the bar for absolute data accuracy with midrange mobile lidars. Boasting a highperformance lidar sensor combined with the industry-leading Optech LMS Pro software, high performance inertial navigation system, and deeply integrated Ladybug 5 camera, it is built for surveyors conducting demanding, high-performance projects. To improve portability and avoid time-consuming boresight routines, all these components are mounted on a single light-weight platform, letting operators easily move the system from one vehicle to another or even remove it every night for operational security.

PCI Geomatics Releases Geomatica Developer Edition

PCI Geomatics has released the Geomatica Developer Edition (GDE). It puts the power of Geomatica into the hands of developers to create innovative and automated solutions and workfl ows to address complex geospatial image processing challenges. It offers access to all Geomatica modules and extensions, ensuring developers are working with the latest version of the software. GDE provides Python level access to over 550 algorithms as well as core Geomatica functionality such as rasters, coordinate systems, metadata, control points, math models and raster elevation data.

YellowScan – Lightest allin-one LiDAR system

Since its commercial launch in 2014, YellowScan® has been used extensively on multiple UAV platforms in order to meet customer demands and various mission requirements. It fl ew over numerous geographical and topographical regions, capturing high-precision geo-referenced land surface volumes and relief, even through vegetation. Delivering highly accurate measurements in a very short time, the it is used by surveyors and researchers all over the world for a variety of applications, including 3D cartography, topography, linear infrastructure maintenance, civil engineering, geology, mining, forest management, and archeology.

New Generation 3D Indoor Scanning System by SBG SYSTEMS and VIAMETRIS

SBG SYSTEMS joins VIAMETRIS to present the new generation of the “iMMS”, called now “iMS 3D”, a mobile 3D indoor scanner generating continuous 3D point clouds. For this brand new model, VIAMETRIS chose SBG SYSTEMS’ miniature AHRS, the Ellipse-A. With its brand new design, the iMS 3D is easier to transport, install, and set up. The iMS 3D also integrates new sensors including the Ellipse-A from SBG Systems. Based on the SLAM technology, the iMS 3D is equipped with three LiDARs profilers, each taking 40,000 points per second. The main LiDAR provides the horizontal profile, which also contributes to the continuous calculation of the iMS 3D position in the building. The other two lateral LiDARs give vertical profiles including the ceiling.

Spectra Precision Introduces New and Enhanced Survey Solutions

Spectra Precision introduced new and enhanced products to its Spectra Precision® portfolio of survey solutions. It includes

FOCUS 35 RX – A new range of motorized total stations providing high-speed, accuracy and precision in measurement. Its robotic instrument moves the power of the observer from the instrument to the range pole, improving efficiency.

Nomad 1050 Data Collector – The Nomad 900 has been updated with new features and capabilities. The Nomad 1050 has more RAM, more Flash and more speed. The base processor is now 1 GHz compared to 806MHz on Nomad 900 and the Nomad 1050 has 512MB RAM and 8GB fl ash storage.

Survey Pro 5.7 Field Software – It contains significant changes to enable more productive field data collection. Included in this update are new map displays that enable viewing and managing most of the map features that are located on the main map display. The GNSS and robotic staking screens can also display a map view to include background maps along with the standard dynamic guidance control option.

Survey Office v3.60 Software – It now includes enhanced functionality; support for the Spectra Precision FOCUS DL-15 Digital Level and the import of leveling data from any DiNi level; least squares and 5 and 7 parameter Helmert transformations with reports; Geoid 12B support and grouping by country in the Coordinate System Manager; Point Cloud support.

MobileMapper Field GIS Application for Android Devices –This new software is dedicated to GIS data collection and focuses on simplicity to maximize the number of field personnel contributing to the geospatial business. Primarily for MobileMapper 300 users, the application will be the key component of Spectra Precision’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution.

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