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New IMU to SPAN line of GNSS products by NovAtel

NovAtel Inc. has added the IMU-ISA- 100C as an inertial measurement unit (IMU) option to its SPAN GNSS+INS line of positioning products. It is a high-performance, near navigationgrade IMU designed for platform stabilization, general-purpose navigation, photogrammetry, remote sensing, and ground mobile-mapping applications. Commercially exportable, the IMU-ISA- 100C integrates easily with a NovAtel SPAN capable receiver to provide a tightly coupled 3D navigation solution. Offering customers continuous position, velocity and attitude (roll, pitch and azimuth) measurements, a SPAN system is stable and available even through periods when satellite signals are blocked or unavailable. With the IMU-ISA-100C, customers will receive near navigationgrade performance, at an affordable price point. The product also features a new enclosure designed to maximize versatility for a range of applications.

PCTEL unveils GPS/GLONASS high rejection time sync antennas

PCTEL, Inc has announced its new series of GPS/GLONASS High Rejection Time Sync antennas. These new multi- GNSS antennas use advanced filter technology that allows the same antenna to cover both GPS L1 and GLONASS L1 frequencies while maintaining PCTEL’s industry-leading high rejection performance. Their robust IP67-compliant design provides durability for longterm deployments.

GPU-Based Orthorectification Module

SimActive Inc has announced Correlator3D™ version 5.3, with significantly faster ortho rectification. The process is now powered by GPU technology and multi-core CPUs, leading to a tenfold increase in processing times compared to previous versions. Correlator3D™ also includes a new feature for displaying, in real-time, the generated ortho photos. This allows visual monitoring of results as they get produced.

Topcon releases new UAS for aerial mapping

Topcon Positioning Group has released two unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for mapping — the Sirius Pro and Sirius Basic. Both systems are designed to produce the most accurate solutions for the automated mapping of a wide range of sites — regardless of terrain. The fixed-wing systems resulted from a partnership with MAVinci GmbH, a UAS development company with which Topcon recently entered into a worldwide distribution agreement.

SafScan™ High Definition Laser Surveying

Safway is introducing SafScan™ High-Definition Laser Surveying, which can deliver accurate, precise 3D images of existing conditions at any industrial plant, off-shore facility, bridge or other commercial site. Safway’s SafScan technology creates a precise, as-built copy of any jobsite using state-of-the-art laser scanning equipment.

Fugro launches Seastar XP2

Fugro Satellite Positioning has released its Seastar XP2 PPP GNSS augmentation service, which provides increased redundancy for missioncritical offshore GNSS position and navigation applications. XP2 is an L1/ L2, phase-based, Orbit and Clock PPP service. Similar to the 24+ American GPS satellites, XP2 incorporates a number of Russian GLONASS satellites to generate corrections that permit the calculation of a real-time position solution. The new XP2 service mimics Fugro’s flagship G2 and offers accuracies approaching it.

Simrad announces GLONASS compatibility in MX series

New Simrad MX Series MX521B Smart Antenna, and HS80A and MX575D DGNSS Compasses have been announced. The new products are compatible with the GPS and the GLONASS. Enhancing heading and position performance, and reducing the time taken for position acquisition, the new Simrad MX521B Smart Antenna, HS80A compass and MX575D compass feature increased lock-on speed and accuracy in challenging conditions. Latest GN70/MX610/MX612 Control and Display Unit (CDU) software can be used with these antennas for both GPS and GLONASS functionality.

GigOptix GNSS RF receiver

GigOptix, Inc has announced sample availability of its newest GNSS RF Receiver for Road, Maritime, Agriculture and Surveying applications. This device is expected to be one of several RF focused products the Company will bring to market over the next few quarters stemming from the recently acquired Tahoe RF Semiconductor, now called the GigOptix-Auburn RF Design Center after its integration into GigOptix. EXG0201 is a low-power consumption, highly linear RF GNSS receiver in a small Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package. The fully integrated device is optimized for industrial applications and has dual channels supporting both the upper and lower GNSS bands.

Carlson BRx5 GNSS Receiver

The Carlson BRx5 GNSS receiver, an integrated all-in-one pole-top GNSS receiver, has just been released by Carlson Software, Inc. Each BRx5 contains a multi-constellation, multiband 270-channel GNSS receiver, internal GSM cell modem, UHF radio, dual hot-swappable batteries and internal level sensors. Designed for survey and GIS professionals, the it delivers both affordability and the highest positional accuracy.

POM & Juniper Systems Provide Parking Meter Management Solutions

POM Incorporated (POM), based in Russellville, Arkansas, USA, utilizes Juniper Systems’ Archer 2™ rugged handheld to provide innovative, energyefficient parking meter solutions. The Archer 2 is used to collect data with POM’s POMComm parking meter management app, which then transfers collected data to its cloud-based software, MeterManager.Net. POM’s newest parking meter, the Parktel 2.0, offers easy installation, innovative technology, and power conservation.

3D laser mapping for French rail network

French surveyors FIT ESIC are creating a 3D topographical map of track and lineside equipment for French National Railways (SNCF) using the StreetMapper LiDAR laser surveying system developed by 3D Laser Mapping, Britain. The device, which is mounted on a rail vehicle, is being used to scan several hundred kilometres of rail infrastructure and the data gathered from millions of individual laser-scanned measurements is used to generate engineering-grade survey data and a 3D topographical map of the track, catenary, and trackside area. SNCF says the data is being used to provide topographical inputs for studies into infrastructure enhancements, gauging, and electrification projects.

New GNSS market outlook report forecasts to 2020

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “GNSS Market Outlook 2020? report to its offerings. According to the report, the GNSS market is expected to flourish with new technological applications and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 9.4 percent during 2014-2020. The report analyzes the GNSS market by its major application areas such as LBS, transportation, surveying, and agriculture, over a period of eight years (2013-2020).

Inertial Navigation System market worth $4.63 billion by 2019

According to a new market research report the “Inertial Navigation System Market by Product (Marine grade, Navigation grade, Tactical grade, and Commercial grade), Technology (Mechanical, Fiber optic gyro (FOG), Ring laser gyro (RLG), Micro-Electro- Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Hemispherical Resonator gyro (HRG), and Vibrating gyro), Application (Air, Land, and Naval Platforms), Geography (North America, Europe, Asia- Pacific, the Middle East, and ROW) – Forecast & Analysis to 2014 – 2019” is estimated at $2.75 billion in 2014 and is expected to register a CAGR of 10.98% to reach $4.63 billion by 2019.

Trimble News

Pacific Crest XDL Rover 2

Trimble has introduced the new Pacific Crest® XDL Rover 2, an advanced, high-speed, wireless data link built to withstand the rigors of GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning. It is equipped with Bluetooth® wireless communication for ease in configuration and operation. It can be quickly configured with an Android device in the field and UHF data can be transmitted via Bluetooth to a paired host device for operational efficiency. It is designed for digital radio communications between 403 and 473 MHz in either 12.5 or 25 kHz channels. The XDL Rover 2 is pocket sized and provides for cableless operations. It features an internal, rechargeable battery for ease of use and portability that allows long operational hours.

Trimble SeismoGeodetic system

Trimble has introduced an integrated GNSS reference receiver, broadband seismic recorder and a forcebalance triaxial accelerometer for infrastructure and precise scientific applications―the Trimble® SG160-09 SeismoGeodetic system. It provides real-time GNSS positioning and seismic data for earthquake early warning and volcano monitoring as well as infrastructure monitoring for buildings, bridges, dams as well as other natural and manmade structures.

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