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R330™ GNSS receiver by Hemisphere GNSS

Hemisphere GNSS has launched the new R330 GNSS receiver, a versatile, fully featured positioning system. It delivers accurate and robust positioning through a variety of differential correction methods including SBAS, L-Band, Beacon and RTK. The wide range of functionality and ease of use makes R330 an ideal fit for a variety of land and marine applications. It combines the functionality and front panel display of all previous R-series products. To provide the most reliable solutions, R330 is capable of tracking multiple frequencies and multiple constellations including GPS and GLONASS.

NovAtel SPAN-CPT Receiver supports OEM6 GNSS platform

NovAtel’s single-box SPAN-CPT GNSS/INS receiver now supports the company’s next-generation OEM6 GNSS technology platform. The OEM6 GNSS engine significantly improves positioning performance through its support of GPS and GLONASS, all-in-view satellite tracking and intelligent measurement selection. The upgraded SPAN-CPT integrates NovAtel’s precision receiver technology with fiber optic gyro and MEMS accelerometer inertial components from KVH Industries in one compact unit.

Spectra Precision speeds Athens Metro Tram Extension

The Athenian port of Piraeus will soon be served by the Athens Tram. A contract to perform civil engineer studies for the new extension went to 2KP, an Athensbased consulting engineering firm. 2KP had recently purchased a fully robotic Spectra Precision FOCUS 30 total station and Nomad data collectors from JGC Geoinformation Systems S.A. It chose the FOCUS 30 for its speed, accuracy, full exchange of data between field and office and its ability to run software identical with the company’s many legacy GNSS receivers, as well as its newest ProMark 800 receivers.

Chinese company to invest $294 mn in mapping firm AutoNavi

Alibaba Group, China’s largest e-commerce firm, will take a 28% stake in digital mapping company AutoNavi Holdings Ltd, part of Alibaba’s move to boost its competitiveness by beefing up its product lineup. Chicago Tribune

Leica News

Co-op agreement with Aibotix

Leica Geosystems has entered into a cooperation and distribution agreement with Aibotix, manufacturer of multicopter unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to create end-to-end solutions for the professional inspection and mapping market.

Updated version of Zeno Connect launched

A new version of Leica Geosystems’ Zeno Connect application will support the output of local grid coordinates, as well as the already-supported output of WGS84 coordinates. The new capability will allow Leica Zeno GIS users who have used a third-party GIS application to still reap the benefits of the high-precision projection and transformation engines developed by Leica Geosystems. It manages and configures the Zeno GNSS sensors – including the GS05/06, GG03 and CS25 GNSS.

‘future-proof’ enhancements to GR25 server

Leica Geosystems has enhanced its GR25 GNSS Reference Server with a standard on-board WLAN module to extend its Ethernet and mobile wireless internet connectivity options. As well as the WLAN module, the device has also been given new RefWorx onboard firmware v3.00, which means that other computers or network devices connected to Ethernet or WLAN can directly access the Internet through the server’s new routing capability.

Northrop Grumman delivers 8,000th INS

Northrop Grumman has delivered its 8,000th LN-100 inertial navigation system (INS), which provides primary and backup navigation information for a variety of airborne and shipboard platforms. It is a non-dithered GPS-aided INS that utilises Northrop Grumman’s Zero-lock gyro (ZLG) technology. AZO Sensors

Trimble adds photogrammetry module to surveyors software

Trimble has debuted its Business Center version 3.0 office surveying software featuring photogrammetry enhancements, including the ability to process images from the Gatewing X100 unmanned aerial system (UAS). Version 3.0 helps surveyors, engineers and geospatial data managers increase their productivity, efficiency and quality of deliverables through the software’s increased visualization and aerial data processing capabilities.

OHB contract for European Data-relay Satellite

Satellite manufacturer OHB AG has signed a final contract for the construction of a data-relay satellite that will use laser communications to speed delivery of European Earth observation data to users. It has been working on the European Data Relay Satellite System (EDRS) for about two years under a preliminary contract with Astrium Services, which is managing the EDRS system as a public-private partnership with the 20-nation European Space Agency (ESA).


New dual-antenna GNSS INS

Advanced Navigation has released Spatial Dual, its new dual antenna GNSS/Inertial Navigation System. It is a ruggedised, miniature GPS-aided INS and AHRS that provides accurate position, velocity, acceleration and orientation under demanding conditions. It contains the Trimble BD982 GNSS receiver, which is a triple frequency dual-antenna RTK GNSS receiver.

Support & training for Canadian forces

The Canadian government will award a British Columbia company an $11 million contract for support and training for a new system that allows the Canadian Forces to obtain data from commercial satellites. The government in November 2011 had awarded MacDonald Dettwiler of Richmond, BC a $31 million contract for two mobile ground stations that will allow military commanders to download imagery from commercial satellites, including Radarsat-2. The ground stations, called Unclassified Remote-Sensing Situational Awareness systems, will be fully operational later this year.

RTKLIB software supports NV08C Receiver Series.

RTKLIB, a developer of open source software for standard and precise GNSS positioning, has recently released its latest RTKLIB software (version 2.4.2), which fully supports NVS Technologies’ BINR proprietary binary protocol and the NV08C GNSS receiver series. It is a powerful combination which enables GNSS system designers and OEMs to develop highly accurate, low cost and compact Precision Grade positioning and navigation equipment.

An Improved Step in China’s 3D Geological Mapping

3D geological mapping is a major innovation of geological survey work. It has broken the limitation that geological data can only be used to generate traditional 2D maps.MapGIS 3D Geological Mapping Tool is professional software served for better visualized geological mapping. It contains complete 3D geological mapping oriented modeling process with integrated data management, 2D mapping and 3D modeling, which realizes the digitization and visualization of complex geological information.

Medicare Mapper Now Available

LLC along with partners Social & Scientific Systems, Inc., and Esri, has developed an informative Medicare application called Medicare Mapper. It is a free download for the iPad. Based on a publicly available data set from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the application allows consumers to see where people in their area are going for Medicare services, and service providers to see where their patients live. www.

Mapping Solution by AeroMetric

AeroMetric new High Accuracy Mapping Solution is designed to obtain tight vertical accuracy and highly detailed imagery using a helicopter based sensor system mounted on a drift-control platform. The sensor system includes a Riegl VQ-480i LiDAR sensor, a Phase One iXA 80 MP digital camera and is controlled through Track’Air’s Flight Management System.

F4Devices Announces Partnership with Laser Technology, Inc.

F4Devices has announced a new partnership with Laser Technology, Inc (LTI). F4Devices will provide LTI with a custom version of its Flint handheld for use as a controller and data collector for its Mobile GIS lasers as well as Public Safety divisions. It will be branded under BAP Precision.

Get Big Answers from Big Data

Perhaps the greatest untapped IT resource available today is the ability to spatially analyze and visualize Big Data. As part of its continuing effort to expand the use of GIS technology among web, mobile, and other developers, Esri has launched GIS Tools for Hadoop. The toolkit removes the obstacles of building map applications for developers to truly capitalize on geoenabling Big Data within Hadoop—the popular open source data management framework. Developers now will be able to answer the where questions in their large data stores.

MAVinci Desktop 3.0

MAVinci has recently released MAVinci Desktop. Along hundreds of minor improvements it has especially worked on expanded assistance while planning your missions. Effects of the terrain on the expected ground coverage can possibly be enormous – especially when working with small overlap values or low flying altitudes. Not considering the terrain could result in large uncovered gaps. Now it will be able to forecast the ground coverage and further optimize the flight planning before the flight!

MagicSBAS integrated into the IGS Real Time Service

The GMV proprietary SBAS testbed, magicSBAS, has been successfully upgraded to connect to RTCM real time service (RTS) providers broadcasting precise satellite orbit and clock corrections. The integration and performance tests have been conducted with both a server of the magicGNSS suite and with the International GNSS Service (IGS) RTS IGS01/IGC01 server, which was launched recently on April 1st. magicSBAS is a state-of-the-art, multi-constellation, operational Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) testbed developed by GMV to offer SBAS regional differential corrections and non-safety critical integrity augmentation to any interested region.

Ladybug Camera for Lynx Mobile Mapper by Optech

Optech has recently releasd the Ladybug® spherical imaging camera from Point Grey Research Inc. as a new option for the Optech Lynx Mobile Mapper™. It is completely integrated within the Lynx system, offering full control and calibration with the Optech Lynx Survey software, local recording of image data, seamless integration into the Lynx processing workflow, and full operational and processing support.

EnsoMOSAIC v7.5 released

MosaicMill Ltd. has released EnsoMOSAIC 7.5 for aerial triangulation and orthomosaicking with new management of coordinate systems, which allows user to freely define and set map projections. Simultaneously a new data transfer function from EnsoMOSAIC to Espa 3D (EnsoMOSAIC 3D) was released to enable use of camera self-calibration for high-accuracy elevation points and terrain models. Also a new version of NavCam flight control software for manned flights was released with support for Novatel GPS with Omnistar corrections.

RIEGL Speeds up Accident Investigation

RIEGL has launched RiSOLVE software package that allows the speed and ease needed to simplify the ‘field to office’ exchange and provides the fastest workflow for true-color 3D Scene Scanning. The stream-lined process of RiSOLVE is the fastest and most efficient solution to acquire, register, and colorize outdoor 3D scan data through its fully automatic registration and colorization. The 3D virtual environment created in RiSOLVE can be used as a reconstruction tool for accident investigations that will re-create the point of impact virtually and at any angle for collision analysis and visualization that can be revisited repeatedly.

CHC introduces the X+ GNSS Receiver Series

CHC has recently released the X+ GNSS Receiver Series bringing enhanced positioning features to surveyors and construction professionals without the conventional cost associated with advanced GNSS receivers. It encompasses the highly integrated X91+ GNSS and X900+ GNSS receivers, providing superior solutions to any real-time kinematic (RTK) surveying projects as well as the X90+ and X20+ GPS receiver for cost-effective static surveying.

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