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FARO laser scanner aid in heritage restoration

Art Graphique & Patrimoine (AGP), a specialist in dimensional drawings of buildings and works of art, has used FARO laser scanner to create virtual mock-ups, which in turn have been used to create spectacular enhanced reality applications. This new technology, which enables the superimposition of virtual elements onto reality, opens up new options for presenting sites and works of art.

FOIF launches new products, moves to a new location

Suzhou FOIF Co.,Ltd, recent organized its new products release conference and domestic distributor conference in XiaoShan Hangzhou, China. The new 500m reflector less total station from FOIF was released during the same. It is the reflectorless total station made in China. The company has also moved to the new location in Suzhou.

CHC X90 obtains ISO 17123-8:2007 certification

CHC has announced its X90 GPS receiver has obtained ISO 17123-8:2007 certification. The validation process was performed by the Center for Applied Geomatics (CAG), Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland. This ISO certification specifies the field procedures for determining and evaluating the precision of GNSS field measurement systems in real-time kinematic (GNSS RTK).

New processing point clouds software from Leica

Leica Geosystems announced distribution of RealityLINx Model 5.4 – powered by Leica point cloud Engine (pcE) technology. It speeds and simplifies the processing of as-built laser scans into intelligent models that feed into popular 3D plant design software and into INOVx plant asset management software.

Leica survey equipment chosen by Swisscom AG

Swiss telecoms company, Swisscom AG, opted for a Leica Viva GNSS when it was searching for survey equipment to pinpoint positions in its fixed-line network telecommunications infrastructure.

Trimble buys Indian vehicle tracking, telematics company

Trimble acquired Tata AutoComp Mobility Telematics Limited (TMT), a wholly-owned company of Tata AutoComp Systems Limited, Pune, India. TMT is a provider of telematics solutions and Mobile Resource Management (MRM) services in India and serves large customers such as Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. as well as Tata Group companies such as Tata Motors.

Trimble releases eCognition version 8.64

Trimble eCognition 8.64 is an advanced image analysis software suite available for geospatial applications. It sets a new standard for native 64-bit object based image analysis—an important technical milestone for the processing of very large image datasets.
NAVTEQ’s Global R&D Center now in Mumbai
NAVTEQ set up its R&D Global Development Center (GDC) in Mumbai, India. The centre will employ 150 R&D team members and significantly enhance NAVTEQ’s R&D capabilities which support map and content design and development activities for the global NAVTEQ product portfolio.

Astrium bags billion dollar military contract

DGA, the French arms procurement agency, awarded EUR 795 million (approx. USD 1billion) contract to Astrium for two satellites for the optical space component (CSO) that will replace the current HELIOS 2 military observation satellites.

TopSURV 8 sets new industry standards

Topcon Positioning Systems’ TopSURV 8 is the newest version of its field controller software series. It has enhancements to increase productivity on a variety of survey jobs. It provides significant new functionality on cross-section staking on roads, import and export of road strings, graphical user interface, multiple new map views, file import/export, in-field status reporting and much more.

NavCom announces new capabilities

NavCom Technology has announced new capabilities for the SF-3050 multi-frequency GNSS receiver and Sapphire GNSS OEM board. The SF-3050 and Sapphire now support single frequency, multi-constellation operation, heading and moving base station RTK operation that enables coordinated vehicle applications.

CORE Geospatial and DAT/EM announcement for DVP Users

CORE Geospatial and DAT/EM Systems International have teamed together to offer DVP users a unique opportunity to revitalize their 3D photogrammetric workstations. CORE Geospatial has arranged an exceptional offer with DAT/EM Systems International to exchange each DVP workstation license for a DAT/EM Systems SUMMIT EVOLUTION 3D digital photogrammetric workstation license.

RapidEye German mosaic now available

RapidEye first large-scale mosaic is now available for purchase. Consisting of 750 tiles covering 25 x 25 km² areas, this contiguous satellite image covers Germany in its entirety.

GMV announces the release of a Software GPS receiver for mass-market applications

GMV will be releasing SRX-10, a software GPS receiver for mass-market applications, soon. It is a fully hosted software GPS receiver; developed with mass-market applications in mind, especially urban scenarios. As a fully hosted solution, a general purpose CPU can host all receiver functions, even signal acquisition and tracking, with the only requirement of adding on a low cost RF front-end.

SuperGeo develop dynamic bus info & transit system for Taichung City

SuperGeo Technologies develop a system for Taichung City Hall. Through the system, the public can query estimated arrival time of the bus when waiting for the bus and know how to transfer to required destinations effortlessly. The GIS application would eventually bring convenience and save time for the citizens and tourists.

Chronos leading a Consortium to develop a trusted service to detect and locate GPS jamming

Chronos Technology is leading a Consortium, SENTINEL, which is a 24 month project to research and develop a service to establish the extent to which GNSS – in particular GPS and Galileo and/or eLoran Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) signals can be trusted by users on a 24×7 basis. SENTINEL will research the detection, quantification and location of interference to GNSS and eLoran signals at point of use by deploying IDM (Interference, Detection & Mitigation) probes in the vicinity of critical infrastructure. Detecting and discriminating between accidental, deliberate and natural phenomena including multipath, jamming or space weather to protect safety, mission-critical, security or revenue generating services, enabled by PNT signals A SENTINEL network of IDM probes will provide real-time alerts to discriminate natural events and enable the location of deliberate jamming and to provide timely detection and mitigation by the appropriate agencies.

u-blox launches LISA 3G modules optimized for M2M

u-blox has extended its LISA wireless module family by including the LISA-H100 (for the USA) and LISA-H110 (for Europe and Asia). The UMTS/HSDPA data modems are dedicated to telematics and telemetry applications that typically require only data and not the full 3G bandwidth.

NovAtel wins 2010 Alberta Export Award

NovAtel Inc. was presented with the 2010 Alberta Export Award for Advancing Technologies, an award which recognizes companies who “have effectively harnessed the powers of intellectual property and value-added know-how”. The award was given out as part of the Alberta Export Awards competition, which celebrates excellence and innovative approaches to exporting by Alberta-based companies.

Weihai Emergency Operations Centre Wins 2010 China City Information Application Award

Weihai Municipal Government has won the 2010 China City Information Application Award for its implementation of the Intergraph® Incident Management solution for its emergency operations centre (EOC) at the recent 2010 China Development Forum on City Informatisation held in Suzhou, China.

GPS Mobile Mapping used to resolve Kosovo private property claims

Forty-nine Ashtech® MobileMapper® 6 GPS/GIS field terminals have been purchased by two key Republic of Kosovo agencies, the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) and the Kosovo Cadastre Agency (KCA), to map property boundaries to help resolve private property claims.

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