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New Quanta Series INS/GNSS by SBG Systems Dedicated to Mobile Mapping

SBG Systems has presented for the first time at the INTERGEO show in Stuttgart (Germany), the Quanta Series, a brand new line of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) dedicated to air and land based mobile mapping integrators.

Because SBG Systems wants surveyors to save autonomy for additional survey lines, the company has designed a small, lightweight, and low-power inertial navigation system offered on two levels of accuracy. Quanta and Quanta Extra have been developed for compact LiDAR or camera-based mobile mapping solutions. Quanta is designed to provide precise orientation and centimeter level position data delivered both in real-time and post-processing. Embedded in a UAV, this direct georeferencing solution reduces the need of ground control points and the need of overlapping. Embedded in a car, it ensures a robust trajectory even in harsh urban conditions thanks to an advanced automotive profile with odometer aiding.

Qinertia, SBG’s post-processing software, completes the Quanta offer. It gives access to offline RTK corrections from more than 7,000 base stations located in 164 countries. Trajectory and orientation are greatly improved by processing inertial data and raw GNSS observables in forward and backward directions, according to the company. This advanced software also computes your base station position to quickly get your project to centimeter accuracy. Qinertia UAV is offered free for one year when buying a Quanta sensor for a UAV-based mobile mapping solution.

Racelogic introduces the VBOX Touch

The VBOX Touch from Racelogic is the first in a new generation of highly flexible, enhanced accuracy GNSS data-loggers using the very latest technology available. The VBOX Touch comes pre-loaded with a sophisticated performance application. Racelogic will be releasing several additional apps that can be downloaded free of charge, such as tyre temperature monitoring.

The powerful hardware can be used in many types of diverse automotive tests such as acceleration, braking, speed verification, tyre temperature monitoring, lap-timing and durability to name a few. The VBOX Touch comes preloaded with a sophisticated Performance application which covers many common use cases and other applications can be downloaded free of charge from our online library. Racelogic can also write custom scripts based on your own requirements.

The VBOX Touch has a daylight readable colour touchscreen, 10Hz GNSS engine, WiFi, Bluetooth, twin CAN ports, serial port, digital input and four multicolour LEDs. A high accuracy 2cm RTK GPS version is available, which uses the very latest dual frequency GPS, GLONASS and Galileo signals to deliver class leading accuracy even under difficult conditions. These new signals significantly increase the RTK resilience near trees and tall buildings, providing very precise lap-timing, position triggers and trajectory maps in places where 2cm GPS has never been available before.

SXblue ToolBox Application on iOS

In these times of mobile technology constant advancement, Geneq (SXblue) remains tuned to the needs of GIS and surveying professionals who work in the field. Following the launch of our Android app a year ago, we are delighted to announce the SXblue ToolBox, the iOS version intended for iOS compatible SXblue devices. The application was developed with special interest to raw data recording and NTRIP service connection.

With the SXblue ToolBox iOS application, the user can analyse the position data provided by the SXblue receiver, as well as location metadata. In addition, the iOS application includes a series of audible and visual alarms that are user-configurable to determine the thresholds of information provided by the SXblue GNSS receiver.

Hemisphere GNSS News

R620 GNSS Receiver

Hemisphere GNSS has introduced the next-generation R620 GNSS receiver, a compact, versatile, and full-featured positioning system. It is a complete refresh of the previous version (R330) and includes an allnew low-profile ruggedized enclosure. With the flexibility and scalability offered within the R620 system, customers can start with sub-meter positioning accuracy and upgrade the receiver (through activations and subscriptions) to add functionality and improve performance capability to centimeter-level accuracy.

The R620 comes equipped with UHF (400 MHz and 900 MHz) radio, cellular modem, Bluetooth, and Wi- Fi, making wireless communications and connectivity easy to use. Ethernet (including Power over Ethernet), CAN, Serial, and USB also elevate the system’s capabilities.

S621 GNSS Survey Smart Antenna

The all-new S621 is a complete redesign of the previous generation version (S321+) and offers added benefits and value to an already impressive range of features and functionality.

Powered by the all-new Phantom™ 40 GNSS OEM board, the S621 survey smart antenna processes and supports over 800 channels with flexible and scalable simultaneous tracking of every modern and planned GNSS constellation and signal including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou (including Phase 3), Galileo, QZSS, IRNSS, SBAS, and Atlas® L-band. The Phantom 40 GNSS OEM board is powered by Hemisphere’s recently announced next-generation Lyra™ II digital ASIC, Aquila™ wideband RF ASIC, and Cygnus™ interference mitigation technology.

Iridium and OneWeb to Collaborate on a Global Satellite Services Offering

Communications Inc. and OneWeb have announced they have entered into a MoU to work together toward a combined service offering. This combined service offering would be designed to make it easier for their mutual partners to offer unique bundling and co-marketing opportunities for the Iridium Certus® L-band services and OneWeb’s Ku-band service. The offering would leverage the strengths of their respective low-Earth-orbit (LEO) networks. This is the first time that LEO operators have collaborated to deliver services in L-band and Ku-band.

The MoU also creates opportunities for companies that manufacture both OneWeb and Iridium CertusTM terminals. Such new options could include Iridium- OneWeb companion packages in addition to providers being able to offer combined equipment or even new dual-constellation terminals.

IFEN’s New NCS NOVA GNSS Simulator

IFEN GmbH has launched its new NCS NOVA GNSS Simulator, which is a highend, powerful, but easy to use satellite navigation testing and R&D device. It is fully capable of multi- constellation and multi-frequency simulations for a wide range of GNSS applications. The NCS NOVA GNSS Simulator is one of the leading solutions on the market providing almost all relevant GNSS frequencies in one box.

Due to the modern and flexible software defined radio (SDR) design of this simulator, testing requirements will be met with the minimum of equipment, facilitating logistics and reducing the cost of ownership. The innovative multi-constellation and multi-frequency simulation capability sets new standards in the field of GNSS simulation in terms of fidelity, performance, accuracy and reliability. Designed to deliver maximum flexibility, users are no longer faced with configuration limitations.

Wabtec to deploy Septentrio GPS receivers

Wabtec is implementing Septentrio GNSS receivers in its GoLINC™ Edge platform, providing positioning, connectivity, data storage and enhancing Positive Train Control (PTC) with the adoption of even higher-precision positioning technology. Two GNSS receivers are being installed on each locomotive to provide precise positioning information as part of the GoLINC system. Septentrio receivers are also being installed as position reference modules along 30,000 miles of track.

AllSource Analysis wins NGA contract

AllSource Analysis Inc. (AllSource) has been awarded a $1.956 million contract by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). The one-year contract supports the NGA’s Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) program. Based in Longmont, Colo., AllSource is providing a costeffective and integrated approach to develop military-related GEOINT data sets specifically for North Korea. The NGA project leverages AllSource’s expertise in analyzing remote sensing imagery and other geospatial data to detect specific types of objects and report on changes in features and patterns.

GSS9000 Series GNSS Constellation Simulator by Spirent

Spirent Communications plc has announced the launch of its enhanced GSS9000 Series GNSS constellation simulator. Providing significantly-improved capability, flexibility and performance, the GSS9000 Series has been updated to meet the ever-more-demanding test needs of high-performance satellite navigation systems. It addresses this need by doubling the number of supported channels (320 in a single chassis) while maintaining its full performance specification, including in key areas such as signal iteration rate and low latency, under maximum signal dynamics. These attributes, together with the ability to produce a comprehensive range of emulated multi-GNSS, multi-frequency RF signals, enables full and futureproofed testing of advanced applications.

It also features sophisticated spoofing test capabilities, with full parametric control of multi-copy constellations, and trajectory spoofing/meaconing. Precise phase-aligned signal wavefront generation and multi-antenna/output capability is supported, creating the most capable anti-jam and anti-spoof test system available anywhere.

NavVis IndoorViewer 2.5

NavVis has announced the beta release of NavVis IndoorViewer 2.5. This major software release will significantly extend the point cloud functionality through a new download feature that lets users select and crop sections of large point cloud files in browser, and then download and use the file in third party modeling software. NavVis IndoorViewer is a web-based 3D building visualization software that displays point clouds, 360° panoramic images and floorplans as realistic, fully immersive digital buildings.

Breakthrough software-based Cybersecurity Solution

Regulus Cyber has introduced a breakthrough software-only cybersecurity solution designed to protect GNSS from spoofing attacks. The new Regulus Pyramid GNSS is the industry’s first stand-alone software solution that doesn’t require any additional hardware to protect a GPS receiver or Chipsets – ensuring the security and reliability that are essential to safe and accurate navigation across a wide range of applications including automotive, mobile, aviation, maritime and critical infrastructure.

PCTEL unveil GNSS L1/L2/ L5 Combo Antenna

PCTEL, Inc. has announced an innovative new antenna that combines precision multiconstellation GNSS with high performance LTE, sub-6 GHz 5G, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity. The Coach™ II antenna with GNSS L1/L2/L5 is designed to provide greater precision and reliability for advanced rail communications systems, enabling everything from nextgeneration Positive Train Control (PTC) to passenger WiFi.

Europe-wide High Precision GNSS Positioning business by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. has established the High Precision Positioning Systems Division at its German Branch headquarters in Ratingen, Germany. The new division offers key technologies to German and European customers to accelerate the introduction of centimeter-level autonomous driving and safe driving assistance.

GMCA Bulgaria selected CHCNAV i80

Terralang Ltd., the authorized CHCNAV reseller in Bulgaria delivered to the Geodesy, Mapping and Cadaster Agency (GMCA) 30 sets of i80 GNSS equipment in both base and rover configurations. The GMCA is a Bulgarian government institution responsible for civil surveying and mapping, as well as for all cadastral works in the country.

Bundled with the HCE320 controller, the LandStar7 mobile software, and the CGO 2 post-processing software, this solution offers the ability to perform GMCA control activities at a high technology level. After extensive commercial and technical evaluations, the CHCNAV solution was selected and the tender awarded to Terralang,

Trimble News

Trimble Pivot Platform and Alloy GNSS Reference Receiver

Trimble has announced new capabilities to its Real-Time Network (RTN) portfolio—the Trimble® Pivot™ Platform and the Trimble Alloy™ GNSS reference receiver—that will enable operators to continue to meet the ongoing demand from surveyors, mapping professionals and precision farmers for accurate, reliable corrections derived from real-time networks. A well-established network software, Trimble’s Pivot Platform manages and controls small, mid-size and countrywide GNSS networks.

Trimble SiteVision

Trimble has introduced its Trimble® SiteVision™ system, an outdoor augmented reality (AR) solution that enables users to visualize 2D and 3D data on virtually any project site with cellular or internet connectivity for easier and more efficient planning, collaboration and reporting. Combining hardware and software in an integrated, lightweight handheld or polemounted solution, users can view 3D models and assets in a real-world environment at a 1:1 scale, from any angle or position.

X7 3D Laser Scanning System

Trimble® X7 3D laser scanning system, enables professionals of all scanning levels to quickly and easily capture precise 3D scanning data to produce high-quality deliverables. The compact and reliable laser scanner comes with a Microsoft® Windows®-based Trimble T10 ruggedized tablet for control and project visibility, along with a backpack and lightweight tripod for portability. It is fully integrated with the new Trimble Perspective software specifically designed for infield control and complete registration.

QinetiQ secures £67m contract

QinetiQ has won a £67m contract with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) to develop multi-constellation satellite receivers under the UK Robust Global Navigation System (R-GNS) programme.

The programme will deliver critical capability to provide UK Defence with accurate and resilient positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) which will underpin the UK’s ability to undertake 24/7 military operations around the world in the most demanding and increasingly contested operational environments

NovAtel® added as positioning intelligence supplier to CNH Industrial

NovAtel Inc. Has announced that it will supply its positioning intelligence technologies to CNH Industrial N.V. This introduces NovAtel’s agriculture-focused GNSS receivers and Correction Services to the CNH Industrial global agricultural brands Case IH and New Holland Agriculture, together with European brand STEYR.

The addition reflects the enduring reputation for quality, exceptional service as well as robust and reliable positioning intelligence solutions that NovAtel has provided to the agriculture market for the last 19 years.

The ZEB Discovery is launched

The ZEB Discovery is capable of rapidly capturing intricate data with the use of industry-leading SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) technology and NCTech’s iSTAR Pulsar panoramic camera for ultra-high definition image capture. The end to end solution automatically synchronises the point cloud with imagery for a unique walk through of the area of data captured. Combining the two data sources into one view brings a new way to visualise reality for a wide variety of occupations – from surveyors to environmentalists.

OxTS launches the nextgeneration RT

The next-generation RTs feature a range of improvements and innovations that that make them easier to setup and use. Upgraded processing hardware and a new Novatel OEM7720 receiver boost the next-gen RT’s core functionality, while a host of new connectivity options and built-in features that simplify configuration and data extraction.

Key to the enhanced ease of use of the new RT3000 v3 is the integration of the RT-Range Hunter processing engine, turning the RT device itself into a single-box solution for ADAS testing.

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