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Rockwell Collins and Iridium partnership

Iridium Communications Inc. has announced Rockwell Collins as the newest Iridium Certus service provider for the aviation industry. Rockwell Collins will be adding the service to its comprehensive suite of aircraft connectivity applications for commercial, government and ARINCDirectSMbusiness customers.

Iridium Certus will bring broadband functionality, with enterprise-grade quality of service, to the aviation industry no matter where in the world an aircraft may fly. The service will soon deliver the fastest L-band broadband speeds on the market at a competitive price with industry-leading small form factor antennas and terminals. The Iridium Certus high-gain antenna (HGA) solutions will provide data speed options of up to 704 Kbps, and eventually as high as approximately 1.4 Mbps following full Iridium® NEXT deployment, with an antenna size of approximately 24 x 10 x 6cm, while the low-gain antenna (LGA) solutions will enable data speeds of up to 176 Kbps.

ComNav Technology wins biggest RTK tender

ComNav Technology, in cooperation with its local Indonesian distributor, has successfully won the biggest RTK tender, which was organised by The Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/ National Land Agency of Indonesia, for 1,046 sets of SinoGNSS T300 GNSS receivers. According to the National Land Agency information, the RTK products will be used in Indonesian cadastral surveying projects. The transaction renewed the record since GNSS RTK products were innovated.

Tallysman GNSS antenna designed for precision positioning

GNSS antenna maker Tallysman has introduced the TW7875 magnetic mount GNSS antenna, which is designed for precision dual-frequency positioning. It is capable of receiving GPS L1/L5, GLONASS G1, BeiDou B1, Galileo E1/E5a and NavIC L5.

Military precision navigation capabilities to commercial markets

The HGuide n580 is the first Honeywellproduced, industrial-focused navigation solution that uses both precision inertial measurement unit technology and GNSS to improve location accuracy even when facing natural and manmade obstacles.Roughly the size of a deck of cards, the HGuide n580 gives Honeywell’s industrial customers the capabilities needed to navigate accurately in areas with limited satellite coverage, such as densely populated cities where tall buildings, underground tunnels, and multilayer freeway stacks or bridges often create challenges to traditional GPS navigation.

EN-150 Precision Fiber Optic Gyro- Based Inertial Measurement Unit

EMCORE Corporation has announced the introduction of its new EN-150 Inertial Measurement/Navigation Unit for unmanned aerial vehicles, dismounted soldiers and weaponry, platform stabilization and applications where GPS is unavailable. Designed with options for full navigation, or as a higher performance, smaller size replacement for Ring Laser (RLG) Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), the EMCORE EN-150 is the smallest, most affordable Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG)-based IMU available today at its performance level.

Intermap Technologies introduces NEXTMap One

NEXTMap One offers precision, 3D geospatial data at an unprecedented 1-m resolution anywhere in the world. It is available as either digital surface models (DSM) or bare earth digital terrain models (DTM), is produced using Intermap’s patented Intelligent Resolution Improvement System (IRIS™) and represents a technological advancement in global elevation data production. By combining the best features from multiple sensors, IRIS generates a seamless global dataset that is both highly accurate and spatially rich. Intermap uses highresolution satellite imagery along with multi-band radar, LiDAR and other datasets to produce NEXTMap One


Luciad’s V2018.0 released

Luciad’s V2018.0 release, empowers users to create a Smart Digital Reality by enabling the streaming of highly detailed point cloud data to both the desktop and the browser, and by giving users the ability to develop and utilize intricately detailed 3D reality meshes. These features will be available in Luciad Lightspeed and LuciadRIA, Luciad’s modular and customizable solutions for geospatial awareness on the desktop and in the browser. LucadFusion, the all-in-one server solution for geospatial data publication and management can now manage vast amounts of point cloud and 3D reality mesh files, index them and stream them using open standards.

HxGN SmartNet, AZGPS to expand GNSS correction services in US

HxGN SmartNet has partnered with AZGPS LLC to expand access to quality network correction services for GNSS users in the southwestern US.It is, a highprecision, high-availability GNSS network correction service provided by Hexagon’s Geosystems division. AZGPS, based in Florence, Arizona, serves professionals across Southern California and Arizona

NovAtel’s GNSS+INS combined system with SPAN technology

NovAtel has announced that it is now delivering their market-leading SPAN® tightly-coupled GNSS+INS navigation technology in a rugged, ultra-compact unit. Commercially exportable and ideal for integration into a wide variety of applications, the high-performance SPAN CPT7 is designed to deliver assured positioning – anywhere, in a package one-quarter the size of the highly successful SPAN-CPT.

Leading-edge SPAN technology leverages generations of precise positioning expertise and the most advanced algorithms to tightly-couple GNSS and INS measurements. This system enables continuous, robust positioning and fast reacquisition in challenging navigation environments where GNSS signals may be unreliable or unavailable for short periods.

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