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Lockheed Martin GPS updates enhance system accuracy

Lockheed Martin has upgraded the software processing and modeling forthe Air Force’s Global Positioning System (GPS), enhancing the Air Force’s ability to monitor GPS satellites and improve system accuracy 10-15 percent for users worldwide. The recently completed update, named the Legacy Accuracy Improvement Initiative (L-AII), doubles the amount of navigation data collected and provided to Air Force operators. Proposed rules for livestock, growers The U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to make every owner of even one horse, cow, pig, goat, sheep, chicken or pigeon register in a government database and subject their property and animals to constant federal and state government
surveillance. Under the present USDA plan, as of Jan. 1, 2008: Every homeowner with any animals must obtain a seven-digit USDA ID number keyed to GPS satellite surveillance coordinates, with all the
property and owner’s information permanently stored in a USDA database.

Tracking deer around the clock for one year

Scores of deer in Central New York will be tracked by satellite around the clock for a year in an effort to
discover more about their habits and, in turn, learn more about the potential spread of chronic wasting disease, a
highly contagious and unavoidably fatal neurological disorder. Researchers from the SUNY College
of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) will fi t the deer with collars that
use a high-tech GPS to mark their locations every five hours for one year.

Profi cio Devices Software for BPO Security

The GIS-GPS-SMS solution PROTMS addresses the issue of security for the BPO employees in India and provides an end-to-end security for them. Addressing to the need of the BPO sector in India, Bangalore based Proficio GeoTechnologies has come out with a software to tackle the problems related to security in transportation in the BPO companies. To do away with the long manhours required for transportation planning, Profi cio has designed
a complete management solution that integrates the functioning of
Geographical Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System
(GPS) and Short Messaging Service (SMS).

Local Hajis offer feedback on conduct of Pilgrimage

As the Haj came to a close, pilgrims returning here offered their opinions that provide insight into improvement
that could be made to the conduct of the annual pilgrimage. Security has been a dominant concern during this year’s Haj, with the Saudi authorities spending over SR25 million on security. The arrangements
went high-tech this year when they signed up a Saudi company for fitting their vehicles with GPS capability to expedite emergency response.

Russia accomplished 45 per cent of world space shots

In 2005 Russia launched more spacecrafts than the US and Europe together. The Russian federation accomplished 45 per cent of the world space shots. According to Roskosmos data, in 2005 Russia launched 24 rocket vehicles. It set
off 20 space vehicles, while the US and Europe launched 12 and 5 accordingly. New domestic satellite system GLONASS will be worked out in 2006.

To curb sex crimes, consider GPS on offenders

The cruel slayings of elementary school girls in Hiroshima and Tochigi Prefecture last year brought home the need to establish stronger measures to prevent sex crime offenders from becoming repeat offenders. In November,
France enacted a recidivism law that requires violent and other serious sex crime offenders to wear bracelets equipped with a GPS. Recidivism not only gives rise to new victims but also delays the rehabilitation of sex crime offenders. In order to prevent offenders from repeating their crimes, Japan will also introduce the GPS to track these criminals.

USGS announces that Augustine Volcano in Alaska has erupted

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is currently monitoring the eruption of Augustine Volcano in Alaska that
began with two explosions at the summit of the volcano. The alert level is classifi ed at red, the highest level of concern. The volcano is located in Cook Inlet, about 180 miles southwest of Anchorage. USGS detected a small uplift of the volcano using GPS instruments permanently installed on the mountain.

Fishing boats to go hightech with GPS

THIS monsoon, Bengal’s fishermen will be sailing to the Bay of Bengal with a new gadget in their otherwise modest boats. The GPS devices, will be included under a collaboration between the State Government and the UNICEF under the knowledge exchange programme of Community-Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP).The fi shermen are being trained to use the device in the Sunderbans

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