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Global Mapper v22.1

Blue Marble Geographics has released version 22.1 of Global Mapper. The version 22.1 release includes several enhancements to the software’s 3D Viewer including, a new ‘Save 3D Views’ function and 3D View navigation tools to target the camera on specific features and lock the pivot axis around a feature of interest. The data graphing and charting feature has been updated with support for creating graphs from multiple layers, and several new spatial operations functions have been added, including ‘Union’ and ‘Difference.

OS Maps launches in Australia

Ordnance Survey, UK has launched its walking and cycling app, OS Maps, in Australia. It is the first nation outside Britain to have access to OS Maps. The new app›s accurate mapping and routes will help people to explore more and create their own adventures on and off the beaten track.

ISRO and MapmyIndia to build alternative to Google Maps

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and MapmyIndia has joined hands to come up with an indigenous alternative to Google Maps.

Rohan Verma, CEO of MapmyIndia said its user maps, apps and services would “integrate with ISRO’s huge catalogue of satellite imagery, and earth observation data, and would be a much better”. He took to LinkedIn to announce the venture saying, “MapmyIndia, being a responsible, local Indian company, ensures that its maps reflect the true sovereignty of the country, depicting India’s borders as per the government of India, and hosts its maps in India.”

Bluesky 3D building models drive efficiency

Water sector solution provider MWH Treatment is using the latest 3D computer modelling technology to improve the delivery of major construction projects across the UK. Created by aerial mapping company Bluesky International, models are used throughout the lifecycle of projects; from the production of animations at the concept stage right through to Virtual Reality (VR) simulations for health and safety training. The 3D models are helping MWH Treatment drive efficiency and collaboration and have already been used on a number of developments including the Winchburgh upgrade works for Scottish Water and Thames Gateway Desal upgrade for Thames Water.

EU-China collaboration for international marine data sharing

EU-China collaborations on marine data and knowledge sharing took a new step forward with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) and the National Marine Data and Information Service (NMDIS) of China.

The agreement consolidates the operational, technical and scientific collaboration which is already well underway, by providing a clear framework to advance the joint efforts through the EMOD-PACE and CEMDNET projects on three specific areas of collaboration: (i) the sharing of available in-situ, earth observation and modelled marine data, (ii) the exchange of knowledge and best practices related to marine data and information product R&D and associated technology, and (iii) the development and implementation of common work plans between NMDIS and EMODnet in relation to ocean reanalysis, seabed habitat mapping, ecological vulnerability and coastal zone adaptation.

This MoU outlines the initial areas and activities envisaged to be taken forward as part of the cooperation partnership, while this list can be updated over time with mutual agreement. It is intended to further stimulate the development of collective approaches and practices to address mutual
and global challenges and concerns in relation to international ocean governance and ocean marine data.

Geollect win UKHO innovation award

Geollect has won the UK Hydrographic Office’s prestigious ADMIRALTY Marine Innovation Programme challenge.

UKHO is looking at ways their data can enhance marine insurance products and reduce maritime risk. The award is recognition of the potential of Geollect products to unlock and visualise their extensive library. The data provided by UKHO will massively enrich the solutions in the marine insurance sector. Products like electronic charts, bathymetry, CATZOC, wreck locations, offshore infrastructure and conservation areas will all help provide context for vessel behaviour.

Ghana launches National Map of Forests and Land Use

The Forestry Commission of Ghana (FCG) has launched the National Map of Forests and Land Use. Marking a significant milestone in Ghana’s commitment to build world-class earth observation expertise and the culmination of a three-year project, the development has been supported by Forests 2020, which is managed by Ecometrica, the downstream space information company, and supported by the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme.

The launch of the map is the latest in a series of initiatives to enhance sustainability across Ghana’s key agricultural commodities, such as cocoa, and aims to end deforestation, while promoting forest restoration and protection throughout supply chains. It will be formally adopted as a national product for the use of climate reporting and zero deforestation supply chains in both the forest sector and for commodity exports. https://ghana-nationallanduse. .

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