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Galileo Update

Apr 2010 | No Comment

Astrium awarded € million study

Astrium GmbH Services has won a €1 million contract with the European GNSS
Supervisory Authority to undertake a key study, which will define the measures
needed to defend Europe’s satellite navigation systems and services against
radio interference. PROTECTOR is a European Commission FP-7 programme.
The PRS and Operational Tool to Evaluate and Counteract Threats Originating from
Radio-sources (PROTECTOR) study will be undertaken by a consortium led by Astrium GmbH Services. The study will focus on how best to defend Europe’s Galileo and EGNOS satellite navigation systems and their related services against interference from radio sources in L-band, S-band, Ku-band and C-band. The study will therefore map out the technical and economic parameters to developing an effective system to defend Europe’s satellite navigation systems.

Application Village brings Galileo closer to the public

The Galileo Application Village was a success with the public during Galileo
Application Days (GAD) that took place in Brussels. Camped out around the
public esplanade beside the Commission’s Berlaymont building were some 32 cutting-edge location-based applications funded through various European Commission, European Space Agency, and national and regional initiatives. In welcoming delegates to the main conference, Pedro Pedreira, Executive Director of the European GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA), described the Application Village as allowing the event to “break through the walls of the conference room to show the citizens, the taxpayers, what benefits GNSS satellite applications can bring.”

The European Satellite Navigation Competition

On 1st May 2010, the idea database for application innovations in satellite
navigation will be opened for the seventh time. Participation in the European Satellite
Navigation Competition is a chance to play a part in shaping the dynamic, growing
market for navigation applications and to win prizes worth EUR 500,000. 20
partner regions across the globe foster the realisation of your business idea.

European authorities urged to boost GNSS Research

Key European Industry and University representatives rallied in Brussels to stress
their deep concerns with regard to the future of GNSS Research in Europe and
to celebrate the launch of a Manifesto for “a More Committed Europe towards the
Development of GNSS Applications”. Funding originally allocated within the
EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) to support GNSS applications
development has been removed in 2007 to fill in a gap in the Galileo infrastructure
development finances. Today, there is no more budget beyond the up-coming third
call, to foster GNSS R&D within FP7. Such a situation is very critical as it may prevent many European Universities, Research organisations and industries, and in particular smaller companies to pursue their research and development activities towards EGNOS and Galileo applications.

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