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Eos Positioning Systems high accuracy GNSS receivers

Sep 2020 | No Comment

Eos Positioning Systems (Eos), the manufacturer of the popular high-accuracy Arrow Series GNSS receivers for the GIS market, has announced several new releases.

These announcements include the expansion of the availability of the popular Eos Locate™ underground mapping solution, compatibility with the new ArcGIS Field Maps, the inaugural release of Eos Tools Pro for Windows.

Eos Locate™ is the world’s first high-accuracy, real-time underground mapping solution for Esri ArcGIS apps users. It allows organizations to accurately map already-buried assets straight to ArcGIS Online via either ArcGIS Collector or ArcGIS Field Maps.

Eos has announced the expansion of Eos Locate™compatibility with additional models from Vivax-Metrotech, Subsite and Radiodetection.

Eos Tools Pro is a free GNSS monitoring application for Arrow GNSS receivers. For the first time ever, this app is now available for Windows 10 users.

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