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The articles particularly on BWSL, Sustainable Land Governance, in Coordinates are very interesting. More particularly BWSL where I have been on the Technical Advisory Committee of BWSL right from Conception to its Implementation. The article is written in an impressive manner, although we could have created a much bigger land mark / signature structure. Each one of the authors has contributed immensely as they have been deeply involved and contributed sincerely for the completion of the project and must need a loud applause. For “sustainable Land Governance”

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What is wrong with quoting Columbus’ strange views on the shape of the earth on the opening page of a chapter entitled, “The World is a Pear”?
Those lines are from Columbus’ “Letter on his Third Voyage.” Even Davis isn’t using that as a description of the size and shape of the earth, just a cute vision from the often mistaken Columbus.

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India needs a 21st century Indian Geodetic System
I had …

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No Coordinates/ Incorrect Coordinates
Kindly …

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Congratulations on a strong inaugural effort. In particular, …