Your Coordinates

Your Coordinates

Sep 2005 | Comments Off on Your Coordinates


No Coordinates/ Incorrect Coordinates

Kindly refer to the section “No Coordinates” appeared in July issue where the editor has sought sensible and funny questions both.

My submission is that funny questions may generate funnier responses. For your “Coordinates”, I would suggest questions seeking technical or scientifi c information. No query should be for personal use and/ or commercial gain. Then, a sound informative response would be helpful to others.

A person with “no coordinates” seeks “good coordinates”.

However, the question “The difference between the Everest spheroid, a geodetic apple, and WGS 84, a geodetic orange” is a bold one. I would like to congratulate the person. Please do include the name in the future.

But, it is rather late. If asked earlier, a correct response would have alerted the policy makers before releasing the new Map Policy. Here, I am surprised by the response. With sincere apologies to Mr. N.K. Agrawal, I have to point out that his reply includes incorrect geodetic information, defi nitions, and explanations. I write this letter to stop any further damage, which such response might generate towards realization of a 21st century Indian Geodetic System and modernization of mapping and charting.

Muneendra Kumar Ph.D


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