Wide-lane kinematic positioning in multiple frequencies

Jan 2006 | Comments Off on Wide-lane kinematic positioning in multiple frequencies

In the present paper, a method making a long baseline kinematic positioning possible in the present dual frequency system is discussed. In the discussion, the wide lane observation equations are used, since the initial ambiguities of wide lane combinations are calculated easily by using HMW (Hatch- Melbourne-Wübbena) combinations.

A remarkable improvement of the precision is realized by introducing the ionospheric delays such as IONEX.

T he improper variation of the coordinates of the receiver due to the variation of the ionospheric delays is also eliminated by using the geometryfree combinations of the phase ranges.

If the more precise ionospheric estimation becomes available in future, the precision of the widelane positioning may be increased further, and the wide-lane positioning may become one of the precise and convenient positioning methods.

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