VII International Satellite Navigation Forum

The VII International Satellite Navigation Forum is the central event of the year in the field of the commercial use of satellite navigation technologies and, first of all, the GLONASS Russian navigation system.

The main aim of the Forum is to inform wide Russian and foreign audience about the state and planes of the development of satellite navigation systems, about the government policy in the field of the commercial use of the GLONASS system in Russia and abroad, about innovation technologies, up-to-date navigation equipment and services for the mass user, public economic sectors and private business.

The program of the VII International Satellite Navigation Forum is oriented to both the mass user of navigation products and services and representatives of the commercial transport market and covers all the aspects of their practical use in order to build successful business and to improve its effectiveness.

The main attention of the Forum will be given to navigation-information services for the mass user market.

The attendees of the Forum will receive detail information on the legal aspects of the use of satellite navigation, will learn of commercially available navigation and navigation-communication equipment from leading Russian and foreign manufactures, of different industrial applications for mass and industrial markets, the experience of leading companies in the practical use of navigation systems, including business cases on the use of satellite navigation from representatives of the Russian business. During the section sessions and the round tables there will be the most topical information about developed products, urgent problems in the field of navigation, cartography, legal normative regulation presented; the attendees will be able to share their propositions on the building of favorable conditions for the effective introduction of innovative technologies and to exchange their experience. At the Forum there will be an educational section first organized to popularize the knowledge on the theoretical fundamentals of satellite navigation, navigation technologies and their practical use.

The 5th International specialized exhibition of navigation systems, technologies and services “NAVITECH-2013”

The exposition of the exhibition will bring together leading Russian and foreign developers and manufacturers of navigation equipment and software, including cartography applications, reflect the advantages of using navigation technologies and services in different fields of economics and business.

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For attendance please contact Professional conferences on Moscow telephone (495) 66-324-66 or via e-mail