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Terra Drone launch its India operations

Terra Drone Corporation has ventured into the Indian market with the establishment of Terra Drone India. With its headquarters in Japan and presence in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Latin America, Terra Drone is one of the largest industrial UAV companies in the world. Its associate company, Terra Drone India will offer localized drone solutions to both the public and the private sector in India.

Unifly partners with Terra Drone India to support UTM in India

Unifly NV has entered into an agreement with Terra Drone India Pvt. Ltd., an end-toend drone solutions provider, to facilitate the safe integration of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) into the Indian airspace. Unifly’s automated air traffic management system combines technologies like flight planning, airspace approval, live tracking of UAS, and dynamic situational awareness, to handle a large number of drones flying in the most challenging environments. These are the capabilities that India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Civil Aviation require to actualize Digital Sky Platform, the most advanced drone control platform in the world.

DJI Improves enterprise drones

DJI has unveiled new hardware and software tools to give professional drone operators improved control, safety, and security for high-stakes missions. The new Matrice 200 Series V2 drones are redesigned with better reliability, safety, and security features, while the FlightHub drone operations management platform gives organizations more implementation control and data security assurances.

Atmos UAV expands its camera options and launches new software

Drone company Atmos UAV has just expanded its camera options. Its engineering team optimally integrated additional cameras that are now available for their customers. Furthermore, the team also launched the newest version of MarLynk, the flight planning and ground control software provided with every Marlyn unit.

To further satisfy the customers’ needs for ever higher accuracy, ATMOS UAV extended its camera options to include the RGB Sony RX1RII Full Frame camera and the new MicaSenseRedEdge- MX, on top of the Sony QX1 it currently carries.

Measure introduces Ground Control 2.0

Measure launches its next generation drone software platform, Ground Control 2.0. Version1.0 was launched last year with an easy-to-use flight application developed specifically for commercial use and a cloudbased web portal where managers could check airspace and view flight logs and data screen shots automatically uploaded from drone missions.

Anti-drone technology enters African market

US company Department 13 has licenced Skydrone to represent its Mesmer anti-drone product in the African market. Mesmer is a patented drone mitigation solution which is low power, non-jamming, non-line of sight, and non-kinetic. It provides a safe and effective method of protecting personnel and infrastructure from dangerous drones.

The technology prevents drones from physically harming people, damaging and disrupting critical infrastructure, and stealing intellectual property, because of the risk that drones pose. Mesmer detects unauthorised drones, identify them, and neutralise them by taking control of them and then either sending them back to their pilot or landing them safely. This is different to signal jammers that have traditionally been used, but which can cause drones to fall from the sky onto people. As it is built on open source software architecture, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing security and surveillance systems.


IN-FLIGHT Data, one of Canada’s leading commercial drone operators, has been awarded three GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ for drone (UAS) flights recently carried out as part of a groundbreaking BVLOS project with help from senseFly.

▪ Three world records for flights carried out during the innovative Canadian project included

▪ Longest cumulative beyond visualline- of-sight battery-powered UAV flight: 2,723.04 km (Alberta)

▪ Longest cumulative urban flight for a beyond-visual-line-of-sight civilian UAV (small class – up to 25 kg): 414 km (Calgary)

▪ Longest single urban flight for a beyond-visual-line-of-sight civilian UAV (small class – up to 25 kg): 40km (High River)

The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ were awarded specifically for BVLOS flights conducted in Calgary, Alberta, which saw the City of Calgary commission IN-FLIGHT Data to collect mapping data for the development of Calgary’s first new cemetery since 1940.

Drone delivery location verification system by Amazon

An Amazon patent recently published online entitled “Drone Marker and Landing Zone Verification” reveals the system the company might use both for guiding delivery drones to their destination and for verifying that the location where a delivery is made is the correct one.

The system described in the patent looks like it would be able to recognize landmarks at a package recipient’s address, which could help verify the recipient’s location. The system could also spot obstacles to the delivery, such as a grill, a basketball, or tree branches (examples taken from an image included in the published patent). Detection of obstacles like these would trigger the system to send a message to the recipient’s mobile device asking him or her to remove the obstacle.

Delair launches aerial intelligence platform

Delair has unveiled Delair Aerial Intelligence (, a comprehensive platform for converting drone-based images into actionable business insights.

The new cloud-based solution provides a complete integrated and easy-touse workflow to manage, analyze and share data, streamlining the process for unlocking the true potential of aerial surveying. Industry-optimized analytics for specific industries and use cases in mining, quarries, construction, power and utilities, and agriculture enable more accuracy and precision to deliver bottomline benefits to a wide range of businesses.

Cyient – BlueBird joint venture launches its new UAS

Cyient Solutions & Systems has launched its latest offering, the WanderB Vertical Take-Off & Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial System. It is an exciting and technologically advanced solution for military, peacekeeping, low-intensity conflict resolution, law enforcement, disaster management, and commercial applications.

The VTOL feature makes the WanderB a versatile solution for both land and maritime operations. As a fully autonomous UAS equipped with two batteries, the VTOL can operate even in strong winds and harsh weather conditions.

Wind lidar measurements from a drone

Lidar developer, ZX Lidars, has demonstrated the use of drone wind lidar for vertical and horizontal profiling to accurately measure wind conditions remotely and above or ahead of their installed position. These accurate, independent wind measurements are a cornerstone in the development, construction and operation of wind farms globally.

The company has now achieved accurate wind lidar measurements from a commercially-available unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for demonstration purposes, and tested the system successfully with good data rates and sensitivity. A number of ZX Lidar systems are available for testing in this or similar applications.

Get real-time data on methane leaks safely

The second-generation Laser Methane Copter by SPH Engineering and PERGAM transfers high-precision data on the go. This solution answers the need for a safer ready-to-use drone-based detecting system for every company that produces, transfers or uses methane. Natural gas pipeline surveys, tank inspections, landfill emission monitoring, gas well testing, plant safety audits — there are many applications for Laser Methane Copter. LMC G2 is a second-generation product and is the latest creation of PERGAM.

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