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Taoglas unveils new compact active multiband GNSS antennas

Nov 2020 | No Comment

Taoglas®, the global leader of advanced antenna designs, has unveiled its new active, multiband GNSS antennas – the MagmaX2 AA.200 and Colosseum X XAHP.50 – engineered for use in applications that require critical high-accuracy positioning and timing applications, including autonomous driving and precision agriculture applications.

These two new antennas add to Taoglas’ already unrivalled, high-precision GNSS range and bolster the most comprehensive portfolio of high-precision GNSS antennas in the market today. With over 16 years of expertise with GNSS antenna products, Taoglas helps enterprises deliver industry leading positioning and timing solutions.

Multipath error is a critical, unavoidable source of error in GNSS receivers. It’s the combination of direct and indirect signals reflected off nearby obstacles (buildings, vehicles, people, etc.) one or more times, before reaching the GNSS antenna. The indirect, multipath signals distort the received signal used for acquisition and tracking. Taoglas has designed lightweight, cost-sensitive compact antennas that can obtain similar levels of multipath rejection compared to conventional large and expensive geodetic antennas.

Taoglas is proud to introduce:

MagmaX2 AA.200:

The AA.200 is a low profile  active multiband GNSS magnetic mount antenna for use across most major constellations including GPS (L1/L2/L5), GLONASS (G1/G2/G5), Galileo(E1/E5a/E5b) and BeiDou(B1/B2). It exhibits excellent gain and good radiation pattern stability leading to a reliable GPS fix in areas of weaker signal strength. Positional accuracy better than 60cm (DRMS) is achievable, even without using RTK correctional services. Accurate positioning down to 1.4cm has been demonstrated with today’s multiband GNSS receivers and RTK services in the field.

Colosseum X XAHP.50:

The XAHP.50 is engineered to operate with incredibly high precision capabilities on the full GNSS spectrum. Sub meter positional accuracy better than 55cm (DRMS) is achievable, even without the use of RTK correctional services. This allows the user to achieve higher location accuracy, as well as stability of position tracking in urban environments. The XAHP.50 has excellent performance across the full bandwidth of the antenna and its design has an even gain across the hemisphere giving excellent, broad axial ratio which in turn makes it resilient to multipath rejection and excellent phase centre stability.  Accurate positioning down to 1.4cm has been demonstrated with today’s multiband GNSS receivers and RTK services in the field.

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