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May 2011 | No Comment

Li-Ta Hsu, Wen-Ming Tsai and Shau-Shiun Jan
This section conducts the static and dynamic experiments of the indoor positioning algorithms mentioned above, and these results are used to find the best indoor positioning algorithm for the RTIPS. To implement the indoor positioning tests, the classroom 5834 of the DAA building of NCKU is chosen as the experiment place. In this paper, the fingerprinting method based on the RSS is utilized to estimate the user location.

Apr 2011 | No Comment

Today, mobile devices are not only tools for the communications but also personal assistants. People could use the mobile device built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to search for information based on his/her location, thus called Location Based Service (LBS). However, due to the GPS signal propagation limit, the positioning and navigation services are discontinued when the user enters the indoor environments. When users are in the indoor environments, how to continuously obtain their locations becomes a popular research topic.