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Jul 2006 | Comments Off on Everest in South Africa


It was the 25 November 1820 when Everest reached Table Bay and the chance to recover from the fevers to which he had succumbed. Little is known of the year he spent there other than the work he did on the meridian arc that had been observed by M. l’Abbé de LaCaille some 70 years …

Jun 2006 | Comments Off on George Everest: Early years in India

George Everest entered the Bengal Artillery as a Lieutenant on 4 April 1806 before he had even reached his 16th birthday. This rapid promotion was due to the number of vacancies at that time. Little has come to light about the first few years of his service in India until the siege of Kalinjar near Allahabad in 1812…

May 2006 | Comments Off on The first years of George Everest
mary everest

The last issue detailed the celebrations that took place for the anniversary of the birth of Sir George Everest but what do we know of the man? His is a household name because of its link to the mountain but many who are not surveyors either (a) think it is a made-up name for the …

Apr 2006 | Comments Off on Remembering Everest

Beginning with this issue, JR Smith traces the life and work of Sir George Everest

My interest in Everest came about in two ways. Firstly in the early 1980s I had the idea of compiling a history of land surveying. It was soon obvious that it was a far too wide a topic to do justice …