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Spytec GPS partners with Google Maps

Jan 2022 | No Comment

Spytec GPS has launched Time Machine, a feature providing small businesses a first-of-its-kind historical record of GPS data for their vehicles and mobile assets. This release comes less than a month after the company announced its integration with Google Maps, the leading solution in digital mapping technology.

The transition to Google Maps means Spytec GPS users now see:

  • accurate 3D details for building shapes and landmarks;
  • address labels displayed on top of 3D buildings; and
  • more up-to-date traffic information and satellite views.

To further boost the impact of its updated mapping functionality, Spytec GPS released its newest feature, Time Machine, to provide business owners a simple and reliable way to find out where their tracking devices went — and when — by looking back in time. Time Machine also provides users with contextual data — including weather conditions and vehicle speed — for each recorded point over the course of the selected time period. Unlike most other location history reporting tools, Time Machine visualizes this information on the map itself — turning each tracker’s route into a scrollable timeline.

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