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Performance evaluation of the effect of QZS (Quasi-zenith Satellite) on precise positioning: Nobuaki Kubo, Tomoko Shirair, Tomoji Takasu, Akio Yasuda, Satoshi Kogure;
Need for new services in land administration: András Osskó;
Analysis of integrated navigation with GPS source variability:Mahmoud Efatmaneshnik, Yong Li, Allison Kealy, Andrew G Dempster

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May issue

Accurate geo-referencing and DSM generation with HRSI
Armin Gruen
Navigation in India: smooth sail or a bumpy ride
Amit Prasad, Shivalik Prasad, Ashutosh Pande, Raghvendra Krishnamurthy Shashank N Dhaneshwar, Alok Shankar
Yes, we can!
Is surveying a dying profession?
Francis W Derby
Surveying is not a dying profession
AW Mir
Understanding land administration systems
Ian P Williamson, Stig Enemark, Jude Wallace, Abbas Rajabifard

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May issue

Surveying has a future?
John Hannah, P Misra, Simon Kwok, William Patrick (Paddy) Prendergast
GNSS on track
Paolo D’Angelo
Understanding land administration system
Ian Williamson, Stig Enemark, Jude
Wallace, Abbas Rajabifard

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As part of the 17th United Nations Regional Cartographic Conference for Asia and the Pacific (UNRCC-AP) held in Thailand in September 2006, Working Group 3 of the Permanent Committee for GIS Infrastructure for Asia and the Pacifi c (PCGIAP) organised a one-day international workshop (21st September 2006) on the‘Integration of Built and Natural Environmental Datasets within National SDI Initiatives’. The workshop was conducted with the support of the Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration, the University of Melbourne.

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May issue

Height of Mount Everest MUNEENDRA KUMAR
An alternative low cost MEMS IMU/GPS integration scheme incorporating artificial intelligence KAI-WEI CHIANG AND NASER EL-SHEIMY
Positional accuracy and integration of geographic data CARSTEN RÖNSDORF
The role of cadastral data modelling in e-Land administration KALANTARI M, RAJABIFARD A, WALLACE J AND WILLIAMSON

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While digital techniques were introduced to map production in the 1970’s, the driver for utilising digital tools to manage this wide range of activities was the land administration functions of the six states and two territories. Developed in concert by the legal and surveying professions, these state and territory based land administrations functions led to digital land valuation systems as early as 1968 in South Australia. Building upon such initiatives; government guaranteed computerised land registration and automated valuation systems have been built.

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Volume 20, Issue 1, January 2024

Intermediary Cities: Planning with Nature, People and Technology

A K Jain

Land administration and Geospatial information hard talk: Reviewing the posted comments

Dr. Anthony Beck, Vladimir V. Evtimov and Dr. Keith Clifford Bell

GNSS constellation specific monthly analysis summary: December 2023

Narayan Dhital

Spin axis

David Learmount

Galileo HAS will be the most significant game-changer …

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Volume XIX, Issue 11, November 2023

Land Administration and Geospatial Information Hard Talk: A Critical Evaluation

Anthony Beck, Vladimir V. Evtimov and Keith Clifford Bell

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Volume XIX, Issue 7, July 2023

Applying Malawi Continuously Operating Reference Stations in GNSS Meteorology

Robert Galatiya Suya, Charles Chisha Kapachika, Mphatso Oscar Soko, John Bosco Ogwang, Harvey Chilembwe and Francis Gitau

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The principal objective of this research is to investigate the applicability of UAV photogrammetry integrated with automatic feature extraction for cadastral mapping. We present first part of the paper in this issue.The concluding part will be published in the next issue.

Oluibukun Gbenga Ajayi

Department of Land and Spatial Sciences, Namibia University of Science and Technology, Namibia

Emmanuel …