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Land administration and ict Over the past thirty years, considerable progress has been made since the initial work on first registration programs using largely analogue, methods of data capture, presentation and records management. The early adoption of total stations and electronic data recording by land surveyors, post processing using computer-aided drafting (CAD) and GIS, as well as data storage in relational database management systems have been highly successful.

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There is a general consensus among the land administration professionals and different players of the economy in the developed countries and more and more in the developing world as well, that the Land Administration is one of the most important infrastructure for the economic growth and the implementation of sustainable development. This fact is proved by statistical data.

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Land Administration for Sustainable Development examines global land administration systems at different levels of maturity. This examination elucidates how countries can establish basic infrastructure for the implementation of land-related policies and land management strategies that will help ensure social equality, economic growth, and environmental protection. Through its presentation of a holistic view of land management …

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19-20 August 2008 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

TThe UN sponsored Permanent Committee on GIS Infrastructure

(PCGIAP) together with …

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Land administration systems evolved from a focus on core functions of regulating land and property development, land use controls, land taxation and disputes (Dale & McLaughlin, 1999) to an integrated land management paradigm designed to support sustainable development (Enemark et al., 2005).

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Fiji has land ownership in Fiji are three different tenureship in state land (4%), native land (90%) and freehold (6%). With 90% of native land ownership, there lies traditional and sentimental ties to the land and its protocols.

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The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of experiences globally with LRS PPPs and privatization proposals. Readers may recall that in the first part of the paper published in November issue the emphasis was on understanding privatization and Public Private Partnerships…

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This report presents ten case studies on LRS ASD approaches – 6 where PPP has been fully adopted; two outright rejections (one of which also considered full privatization); and two which have adopted alternative approaches…

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Any engagement in dialogue on proposed changes to land registry services delivery, either through privatization or Public Private Partnerships…