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Spectra Precision Laser grade control systems

Trimble has introduced a portfolio of laser-based machine display and control systems for grading and excavating applications. The new Spectra Precision Laser machine systems is said to be highly fl exible, extremely rugged and can be used on a wide range of machines, including dozers, backhoes, scrapers, skid steers and excavators. On a dozer, the system can be upgraded for automatic blade control providing even greater productivity gains. The Spectra Precision Laser grade control systems give the operator visual guidance for the cutting edge of the blade or bucket.

Leica SmartRover A cable free RTK GPS system

The new Leica SmartRover is the world’s lightest all-on-the-pole RTK GPS system. Consisting of the Leica SmartAntenna ATX1230 and the Leica RX1250 Controller, the Leica SmartRover delivers complete cable free operation to provide maximum fl exibility with fewer components. Weighing only 2.8 kg, the Leica SmartRover reduces operator fatigue and maximizes productivity.

Meanwhile, Leica geosystems also introduces a high-performance GPS receiver, Leica GMX902, specially developed to monitor sensitive structures such as bridges, dams or high buildings and crucial topographies such as land slides or volcanoes. It provides precise dual frequency code and phase data up to 20 Hz, enabling precise data capture as the base for highly accurate position calculation and motion analysis.

Topcon technology can access GPS, GLONASS, Galileo

Technology developed by Topcon Positioning Systems came closer to being used on job sites worldwide December 28 when the fi rst satellite in the European Union’s (EU) Galileo navigation program was launched. For Topcon users, the launch – and the launch of three additional GLONASS satellites on Christmas Day – puts the spotlight on the company’s Paradigm G3 chip – a groundbreaking new technology for satellite positioning systems.

New HP DesignJet 4500 Printer

Hewlett-Packard recently announced the launch of the HP DesignJet 4500 printer, scanner and multifunction printer (MFP). These new large-format solutions increase media feed and output capacity to take productivity to a new level.

The HP DesignJet 4500 printer series has been designed to maximize unattended printer operation. The most distinguishing feature of this printer is the fact that it has extra-large, fl exible media input capacity.

Microsoft launches Windows Live Local

Microsoft has renamed and upgraded its online mapping service, MSN Virtual Earth beta: it is now called Windows Live Local powered by Virtual Earth beta and includes bird’seye view imagery from Pictometry International Corp. Microsoft introduced the revamped site. The imagery, at this point, covers 11 US cities and a few counties.

World’s first GPS radio for second civil signal L2C

Accord Software and Systems Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, has created world’s first GPS Radio for Second Civil Signal L2C. The United States’ first GPS 2R-M1 satellite SVN 53/ PRN 17 capable of transmitting civilian signal on L2 carrier (L2C) started beaming L2C signal starting from December 16, 2005. Within days Accord announces world’s fi rst GPS L2C receiver front-end, capable of capturing and processing GPS L2C signal for research and development.

SiRFstarIII featured in navigation product

SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc has revealed that its fl agship SiRFstarIII(TM) GPS technology is at the heart of TomTom’s RIDER, a high performance portable navigation system specifi cally designed for use on motorcycles and scooters.

TomTom is a leading provider of personal navigation products and services to the US and European consumer markets.

MapInfo launches StreetPro China and Vietnam

MapInfo Corporation recently announced the launch of two premier StreetPro products, the People’s Republic of China and Vietnam.

StreetPro is a comprehensive digital database of road networks and points of interest, providing users with a fl exible, multipurpose foundation for location-intelligent business initiatives including site selection, infrastructure management, customer mapping and resource visualisation.

Applanix releases POSPac AIR 4.3

Applanix recently announced the release of POSPac AIR 4.3, the latest update to its airborne data postprocessing software. Exclusively developed for the aerial survey and remote sensing industry, the customized software incorporates a series of application-specifi c tools for systems using the company’s POS AV (Position and Orientation System, Airborne Vehicles) Direct Georeferencing technology. Application-specifi c toolsets include Photogrammetry Tools for system calibration and quality control of Direct Georeferencing for frame cameras, DSS Tools for mission management and image development of DSS imagery, and SAR Processing Tools for use with SAR.

$24 Million ClearView Contract to DigitalGlobe

DigitalGlobe has been awarded a $24 million satellite imagery capacity contract modifi cation by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). This ClearView contract enables the NGA to acquire additional commercial imagery from DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite.

Hemisphere reaches autosteering sales milestone

Hemisphere GPS announced that it has reached a sales milestone by selling more than 2,000 of its Outback(TM) eDrive and Satloc GPSteer automated steering systems for tractors and other selfpropelled agricultural equipment. Hemisphere introduced its two autosteering products in North America in early 2004, and introduced them in South America, Europe and Australia during 2005.

Bentley Systems acquires RAM International

Bentley Systems acquires RAM international LLC, a provider of structural engineering software for building structures made from all major materials, including steel and concrete. RAM offerings include products for engineering modeling, analysis, and design.

eSpatial and PCI Geomatics enter partnership

eSpatial and PCI Geomatics have announced the signing of a strategic technology partnership. The alliance will combine eSpatial’s iSMART Geospatial platform with Geomatica, PCI’s image management products and solutions software suite, to provide an integrated environment for GeoSpatial solutions delivery. Both companies are currently working on an integration of their technologies, particularly PCI’s advanced MappingCentre, an automated image processing and mapping delivery system, and eSpatial’s iSMART GeoPortal.

ESRI becomes Earth Science Information Partner

ESRI has been accepted as a partner of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (the Federation). The Federation is a network of researchers and associated groups that collect, interpret, and develop applications for satellite-generated earth observation information.

Avineon expands operations in India

Avineon offi cially announced the opening of a new state-of-the-art facility in Hyderabad, India for the company’s India-based subsidiary, Avineon India Private Ltd. (AIPL). To accommodate continued rapid growth, the company has opened a new 20,000 square foot facility to house production for Avineon’s IT and Geospatial Services Divisions (GSD) with capacity for more than 200 employees.

One million vehicles with Embedded Navigation Systems

NAVTEQ announced that for the fi rst time since the introduction of in-vehicle navigation in North America, annual sales of embedded navigation systems exceeded one million units. Based on customer sales data from January 2005 through October 2005, approximately one million vehicles were sold with factory-installed navigation systems, representing growth of more than 40% over recorded sales from the same time period in 2004. Over 90% of car models offering navigation systems in North America use NAVTEQ(R) maps.

SatNav offers solution to BPOs in India

With the Business Process Outsourcing industry concerned over transport safety in the wake of the rape and murder of a woman employee by a driver in Bangalore in India, an IT products company in Banagalore has offered a solution. SatNav’s Transport Logistic System (TLS) optimises the transport logistics facility and also helps companies cut their transportation costs by 10-15 percent. TLS covers computation of the number of cabs required for a shift, optimisation of time and distance travelled and display of best routes with driving directions for each cab.

Taiwan ER Mapper’s Image Web Server

The Department of Land Administration, Ministry of Interior, Taiwan has selected ER Mapper’s Image Web Server to distribute large volumes of air and satellite imagery within a land information/planning portal.

Image Web Server is an enterprise solution for serving and integrating large volumes of image data. The portal will service the needs of planners, the general public, as well as other government departments. Image Web Server was integrated with the Ministry’s existing web GIS server, Autodesk’s MapGuide, by local systems integrator Geoinfor. In this confi guration, the MapGuide server processes all GIS requests, with Image Web Server responsible for serving all the imagery.

Intergraph’s Z/I Imaging DMC selected by AAMHatch

Intergraph Corporation has announced AAMHatch has selected Intergraph’s Z/I Imaging DMC (Digital Mapping Camera) to streamline its aerial imaging, mapping and remote sensing operations. The DMC delivers both large-scale and small-scale images with unmatched accuracy and speed, leveraging some of the most advanced digital imagery technology available. AAMHatch will go into production with its Intergraph DMC in early 2006, providing both small and large-scale digital images to customers.

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