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Carlson Software to give users CAD platform choice

Bruce Carlson, president and founder of Carlson Software Inc., announced the addition of the ability to run on IntelliCAD (ICAD) to the 2009 releases of Carlson Software. These include Carlson Civil 2009, Carlson Survey 2009, Carlson Hydrology 2009, Carlson Mining 2009, Carlson Takeoff 2009 and Carlson GIS 2009.

Cypress unveils Multi-Touch all point touchscreen

Cypress has recently unveiled its TrueTouch touchscreen system based on its programmable system-on-chip architecture. It includes a single-chip touchscreen that can interpret up to 10 inputs from all areas of the screen simultaneously. This will enable creation of new usage models for mobile handsets, portable media players, GPS systems, and other products.

New u-blox GPS Module

u-blox AG has released NEO-5Q, miniature GPS module. It is a standalone GPS module in a 12 x 16 x 2.4–millimeter package. Its ROM-based architecture does not require an external Flash EPROM. It features an engine with 50 channels and more than one million correlators capable of simultaneously tracking GPS and GALILEO signals. It also includes u-blox’s new KickStart rapid, weak-signal acquisition technology.

SiGe Semi debuts small dualantenna GPS receiver

SiGe Semiconductor introduced its SE4150L GPS radio receiver featuring dual-antenna input capability, and housed in a low profile 4 mm x 4 mm package. It features a multi-bit output, which improves sensitivity and interference resistance for GPS applications. The device achieves a system noise figure of 1.0 dB and input third-order intercept performance (IIP3) of better than 0 dBm.

National Instruments Unveils GPS Simulation, Test System

National Instruments took the wraps off its GPS Toolkit for LabVIEW, an extension of the company’s graphical system design environment that expands its module hardware RF PXI platform to include multi-satellite GPS signal simulation. Using NI LabVIEW software to create waveforms that simulate up to 12 satellites (C/A codes in the L1 band), engineers can test receiver characeristics such as sensitivity, time to first fix, and position accuracy with the NI PXIe-5672 RF vector signal generator, according to the company.

Electronic navigation for future soldier program

Honeywell shall provide EADS a miniature electronic navigation aid – a Dead-Reckoning Module – that ensures accurate personnel location data in environments where GPS signals are unavailable. In urban warfare environments it is essential for soldiers to know where colleagues are so missions remain coordinated and cohesive.

NavCom Software updated for RTK, StarFire Network

NavCom Technology has released updated software for its RTK and StarFire products. StarFire is a satellite-based augmentation system that provides decimeter positioning accuracy on a worldwide basis. By increasing the StarFire constellation from three to six satellites, users are now provided with fully redundant global coverage, as well as increased performance assurance, as the GPS receiver now automatically selects the highest elevation satellite out of the six available http://

Hexagon acquires company in Fleet Management Machine Control

Hexagon has acquired the Swedish software company Viewserve AB. It is a service and software company offering a web based fleet management system to the construction market. It facilitates monitoring of vehicles and work activities, and can be used to notify individual consumers about work carried out.

“SatNav, India secures $7 million from Sequoia Capital

SatNav Technologies has recently attracted investment of $7 million from Sequoia Capital. The investment will be used to enhance the product portfolio of SatNav besides boost the depth of the company’s map content.

Wal-Mart expands PND selection, adds Magellan to line up

US mass merchant Wal-Mart’s electronics departments now offer “an expanded selection of GPS, including touch screen displays in some stores and in all stores the addition of Magellan to the current GPS offerings of Garmin and TomTom”, said the company.

Navigon and Navteq ink 3-year deal

Navteq has reached a 3 year agreement to provide Germany’s Navigon with its maps. The agreement covers onboard navigation across all Navigon’s PNDs, plus software products for other PND brands and mobile phone customers worldwide. This is in addition to a recent contract to supply mapping products for Navigon’s off-board business.

Toshiba’s laptop with GPS

Toshiba has unveiled several new laptops in its Qosmio range, including the Qosmio F55, the first Toshiba laptop with built-in GPS and Garmin’s navigation software. Positioned as a “gaming machine that also takes mobility seriously”, the Qosmio F55 has a 15.4″ screen and a gamin grade Nvidia graphics card. This laptop is expected to debut this summer at a starting price of $1,150.

Spectra Precision introduces rugged data collector

Spectra Precision has released Spectra Precision® Nomad™ data collector running its new Field Surveyor 2.0 field software for its FOCUS® 10 Total Stations and EPOCH® 25 GPS Systems. It provides increased functionality for various surveying applications. The Nomad comes standard with an 806 MHz processor, 128 MB of memory and integrated Bluetooth technology.

Leica DX10 Field Controller PDA and Leica mojoRTK autosteer system for agriculture

Leica Geosystems has released Leica DX10 Field Controller. It delivers maximum performance and reliability and meets the military’s rigorous MILSTD- 810F standards for vibration, shock and temperature extremes. It comes with an IP67 rating against water, humidity, sand and dust. It has an ergonomically shaped case and the hand-strap at the back.

Leica mojoRTK revolutionises the agricultural industry with a new autosteer system that provides repeatable 5cm RTK accuracy with 99% reliability. It provides an affordable solution for farmers who need to see repeatability pass to pass and year to year. Plus, with Leica Virtual Wrench™, the agriculture industry’s first remote service and diagnostic tool, Soilessentials technicians can view the same console screens and settings the farmer sees in the cab.

CARIS Releases Target Tracking in Web-Mapping Software

CARIS has released version 4.3 of its web mapping software, Spatial Fusion Enterprise, featuring real-time target tracking. It is a web mapping engine for the integration of existing data from many sources, formats and locations and introduces geospatial visualisation and analysis tools to support strategic short and long-term decision.

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