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‘Bhuvan’- India’s answer to Google Earth

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will soon launch ‘Bhuvan’, which will provide online maps based on GIS in line of Google Earth, ISRO chairman, G Madhavan Nair said recently. It is equivalent to the Google Earth, but is going to be much more precise .It will provide the latest information on our natural resources. We are going to provide very accurate maps of the region with the latest picture. The service likely to commence in the coming six months, will be available to the people in appropriate manner. This will provide valuable and updated information to the people. The software and infrastructure necessary for the service is being established. Though most of the information will be online, but precision data will be given to selected users only,” Nair said.

Thailand launches Theos

Thailand has successfully launched Theos (Thai Earth Observation System) on 1 October 2008. It was successfully placed into a transfer orbit by a Russian- Ukranian Dnepr rocket launched from an undeground silo at the Yasny space base in southern Russia.The 750 kg Theos satellite was designed and manufactured by French company EADS Astrium.

China launches two EO satellites

China launched two environmental monitoring satellites recently. These were launched on a single Long March 2C rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in Shanxi Province. They would enhance the country’s capacity to forecast natural disasters.

China’s satellite application industry to be worth 300 billion yuan

With the development of the Compass Navigation Satellite System, the total output of China’s satellite application industry will be 300 billion yuan by 2015, demonstrating the massive potential of the market, according to Cao Chong, the director of Compass Civil Application Market and Industrialization Expert Commission, at the recent 2008 China (Hefei) Forum on Compass Navigation Technology and Industrial Development.

India’s plans in satellite manufacturing

With the successful launch of the Chandrayan 1, with payloads from different countries aboard, India has now the capability of commercially launching satellites from different countries, opening a new source of income for the country in the international space market.
ISRO has already formed a special team for this purpose and will launch two such small indigenously manufactured satellites in 2009 and 2010, along with overseas payloads.

NGA purchases offerings from DigitalGlobe

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has purchased the entire CitySphere 2.0 product, the recently launched, enhanced version of DigitalGlobe’s extensive library of on-demand digital satellite and aerial imagery of the most populated global cities.

GeoEye signs contract with Telespazio

On October 15, GeoEye, Inc signed a multi-year agreement with Rome-based Telespazio S.p.A. appointing Telespazio as GeoEye’s new Commercial Regional Affiliate for the region of Europe and North Africa.

“World Premiere” of a RapidEye Satellite Image

The first public release of a RapidEye image is being unveiled on the company’s website. This demonstration image highlights the capabilities of RapidEye imagery in many market segments.

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