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Honeywell selects Spirent GPS simulator for NASA’s Orion project

Honeywell has selected a Spirent GPS/ Inertial simulator to develop, integrate, and verify the navigation system for NASA’s Orion project. The simulator includes comprehensive modeling of the space environment and will provide multiple radio frequency outputs. It will include multiple SimINERTIAL units Spirent Inertial interfaces that provide Honeywell engineers the capability of emulating Inertial sensor output while simultaneously simulating GPS RF signals.

Autodesk shares coordinate system software with open source community

Autodesk, Inc., has donated the source code for CS-Map coordinate system technology to the open source community, and is seeking to establish it as part of an official OSGeo Foundation project for coordinate reference systems. It’s the third major contribution, following its MapGuide Open Source and Feature Data Object Data Access Technology donations.

Transformer and calculator combined by Blue Marble

Blue Marble Geographics has announced the release of an all-in-one Geospatial Data Definition and Transformation Desktop. It allows users to work with the features of both the Geographic Transformer and the Geographic Calculator in a single interface together.HYPERLINK

Trimble debuts scalable GPS Surveyor device, acquires SECO

Trimble has introduced a scalable Trimble® 5800 GPS System. It adds greater flexibility and versatility for a variety of survey, construction, civil engineering, and asset management applications. Surveyors can begin with the L1, post-processing-only configuration. Two upgrades are available for higher performance: L1/L2, postprocessing only and L1/L2, full Real Time Kinematic. Trimble has acquired SECO Manufacturing Company of Redding, California. SECO is a leading manufacturer of accessories for the geomatics, surveying, mapping, and construction industries.

Topcon releases TopNET+ 7.12

Topcon Positioning Systems has released TopNET+ version 7.12 reference station software with data modelling. “The new software upgrade adds a new and improved RTN (network RTK) engine, and for network spacing where network real-time kinematic is desired, the new version 7.12 RTN engine provides faster initializations, improved performance, and support of a larger number of reference stations being used in modeling on a single server,” said Eduardo Falcon, Topcon senior vice president of business development. The enhancements of the new software include: support for 100 reference stations from a single server; station spacing up to 43 miles and an interactive web browser

Kapten GPS Navigation without screen

French company Kapsys is launching a mini portable GPS navigation called Kapten, which does not have a screen at all. All interfaces are done with voice recognition and text-to-speech feature. It is mostly intended for use in pedestrian mode.

u-blox GPS technology to power Microsoft MapPoint 2009 USB Stick

Microsoft has selected, u-blox 5, for a new “GPS Locator” USB stick. It will be bundled with the next release of MapPoint, map software package. It is a highly integrated, cost-efficient GPS engine that offers users accurate positioning in a small package without compromising on performance.

Hemisphere and CPAC Systems agreement. Expands Precision Farming Guidance Line

Hemisphere GPS has entered into an agreement to supply CPAC Systems AB with custom-built LV100 GPS Compasses for use in embedded control systems. The LV100 is a GPS compass and positioning assembly using a patent-pending design that features a single carrier board with integrated GPS antennas. It is driven by the company’s Crescent Vector technology. The Outback S3 precision farming system combines the Outback S2 and the Outback 360 with the latest developments in Crescent GPS receiver technology. The 8.4-inch high-resolution touchscreen displays job data in real time. It has guidance patterns and the ability to set multiple guidance lines and return points in a single job.

Pitney Bowes Software to ramp-up India R&D centre

Pitney Bowes Software, encompassing Pitney Bowes MapInfo & Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software has announced that it is expanding its India development centre with a threefold increase in planned investment over the next 3 years. It shall also triple its headcount at the Noida centre during the next 18 months.

SIRF loses court case

SIRF, has failed to persuade the US International Trade Commission to overturn a finding that rival Broadcom did not infringe its patents. It had asked the commission in Washington DC to reverse an agency judge’s ruling that there was no violation of SiRF’s patent rights for GPS technology. Californiabased SiRF and Global Locate, a rival GPS chipmaker that Broadcom bought last year, are vying to be the top provider of semiconductors for Garmin and TomTom.

NovAtel invests in Network Timing Startup

Brilliant Telecommunications Inc. has completed its second round of financing with investment lead by NovAtel Inc., raising $11 million in capital. Brilliant designs, develops, and distributes network timing products designed to address the timing and synchronization requirements for telecommunications service providers as they transition to IP backhaul, mobile WiMAX services, and in-home basestations, or femtocells. It’s range of products includes GPS-referenced network time protocol (NTP) servers.

DMTI Spatial Joins the BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program

DMTI Spatial (DMTI) has joined the BlackBerry® Independent Software Vendor Alliance Program gaining access to support services from Research In Motion (RIM) as well as business and marketing resources. Using the company’s Location Hub™ Technology Platform, DMTI will develop enhanced mobility solutions for customers with mobile workforces and field assets.

AAMHatch launches Pictometry in Asia

Pictometry® was officially launched in Asia last month. AAMHatch GM, Mr Brian Nicholls said, “AAMHatch is pleased to announce the launch of Pictometry in Asia. Data capture across Australia’s main cities is nearing completion, and planning is underway for the South East Asian region. Acquisition is scheduled to commence in November with Malaysia being our preferred starting location before moving to neighbouring countries. AAMHatch is pleased to be the exclusive Pictometry supplier throughout South East Asia, and will work with Pictometry and the various government authorities to ensure that the full benefit of this exciting technology
is available throughout the region.” Pictometry is a unique information system that combines aerial imaging with an intuitive user interface and range of valuable measurement and navigation tools.

PCI Geomatics expands presence in India

PCI Geomatics has opened a new international office in New Delhi, India. It has also been appointed Master Reseller for India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

Leica Cyclone 6.0, CloudWorx 4.0 and TruView 2.0

Leica Geosystems has released its flagship point cloud software applications: Cyclone 6.0; CloudWorx 4.0; and TruView 2.0.
All applications now include intuitive, panoramic viewing of point clouds plus intuitive navigation of point clouds using “key plans” and scanner location icons. In both the software, opened views can be 360ºx360º panoramic views or 3D views. A panoramic view virtually places the user where the scanner was. Observing a scanned scene from that viewpoint is completely intuitive, while full 3D viewing lets users virtually fly around a scene to get unique perspectives. To easily navigate around a site, users can simply hop from one icon to another on the key plan, opening scan views as desired. Or users can click on scanner location icons visible within any opened view. Both of these intuitive navigation approaches can be used with Cyclone 6.0, CloudWorx 4.0 or TruView 2.0.

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