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Satellite-based sprinkler system

Faced with historic droughts, the governments of Georgia, California and Idaho are turning to GIS maps and satellite-based computerised sprinklers for drought recovery and to prepare for a future of less water. The sprinkler has a satellite that tracks weather patterns and automatically adjusts water schedules based on an environment’s needs.

SuperGIS Server 1.0 beta version

SuperGeo is going to release the beta version of SuperGIS Server 1.0 for open testing. The end users only need to install desktop or mobile application software and use internet to connect SuperGIS Server to acquire data and functions from the server.

New version of GeoConcept

The new version of GIS software from MapMechanics, GeoConcept 6.5, is claimed to be signifi cantly faster than before and is easier to use. It brings improvements in both thematic analysis and map displays, and is fully compliant with Microsoft’s .NET programming environment.

OGC server for climate change studies

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) have announced that a Climate Change Integration Plugfest (CCIP) server would be launched at the FOSS4G conference, 20-23 October 2009.

ArcGIS API for Silverlight

The beta release of the ArcGIS API for Microsoft (MS) Silverlight will allow application developers to integrate ArcGIS Server and Microsoft Virtual Earth services and capabilities in a Silverlight application.

Spectra Precision introduces EPOCH 35 RTK GNSS System

EPOCH 35 GNSS system by Spectra Precision uses GPS and Glonass technology for cadastral, topographic, control, stakeout and other precision survey applications. It includes a base, rover, field software, data collector, and radio. The rover features integrated Bluetooth capability, an internal radio modem and battery. The system operates with TDS Survey Pro™ field software in the US and Spectra Precision Field Surveyor outside the states.

Trimble introduces Nomad 800X series handhelds and Trimble Access

Trimble introduced the AT&T Inc. – enabled Nomad 800X Series computers. It includes three new models of its outdoor rugged handheld computer that offer Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) functionality and integrated quad-band GSM cellular data transmission, digital photography and bar-code scanning in one device. location. Trimble Access software is a new field and office solution for surveyors that is claimed to expedite data collection, processing, analysis, and project information delivery.

Tridex launches 3D laser scanning services in India

Tridex Solutions has launched 3D scanning solutions in India. It involves capturing of real world data, modeling and visualisation through use of laser scanning survey technology. The company has setup data processing center in STPI area, Gurgaon.

NavDog launches intelligent map search launched a new map search technology that uses intelligence to refine content and search results in real time. It is based on NavDog’s new Geographic Business Intelligence Engine, which is designed to process user actions in order to derive their intent, which is matched with relevant map content.

Envitia releases MapRite Capture Tool 1.1

Envitia, has released MapRite Capture Tool version 1.1, which enhances its automated facility for the generation of Basic Land and Property Unit boundaries, with a built-in feature to maintain the dataset as additional Change Only Update map data is applied. It automatically generates the polygon extents with associated Topographic Identifiers and associated confi dence levels.

Blaupunkt sold to Aurelius

Munich-based AURELIUS acquired the business from the Car Multimedia Division of Robert Bosch GmbH, better known under the brand name ‘Blaupunkt’. www.

Autodesk offers three new Mac creative software tools

Autodesk, introduced three new creative software tools for the Mac platform; Toxik, a procedural compositing tool; Mudbox, designed for digital sculpting and texture painting; and ImageModeler, imagebased modeling and photogrammetry software.

AAMHatch deploys satellite tracker

AAMHatch has adopted a new system to allow its land and air operations to communicate in times of emergency, SPOT – Satellite Personal Tracker. The SPOT system has the advantage by being able to transmit together the field teams exact GPS location with a pre-programmed safety message, through the GlobalStar satellite network to multiple contacts (i.e. Offi ce Coordinator, Safety Manager, Client Representative and the emergency services).

Hugel and Tele Atlas partner on Middle Eastern GPS device

Hügel GmbH and Tele Atlas, have launched a Point2Point personal navigation device for the Middle Eastern consumer market. Arabic and English voice prompts help motorists maintain focus while driving, and support information is offered in multiple languages.

MiTAC acquires Magellan GPS Consumer Products Division

Magellan Navigation, Inc., has entered into a definitive agreement to sell the Magellan consumer products division to MiTAC International Corp. of Taiwan.

Navteq expands global business arrangement with Microsoft

Microsoft now can access all 74 countries in the Navteq map database. The agreement with Navteq gives the company right to use Navteq content, including Extended Listings, Navteq Discover Cities, Navteq Transport, and Navteq Voice. Microsoft will use Navteq data in its Internet and mapping software solutions.

AgTerra launches new pesticide application tracking product

AgTerra Technologies, Inc. of Sheridan, Wyoming, has released SprayLogger product, a GPS-based system that automatically records information during a pesticide application. It automatically tracks geographic locations of pesticide applications, work order parameters, environmental conditions, amount of chemical used and more.

Hemisphere GPS awarded new patents

Hemisphere GPS has been awarded two new patents; the Satellite Based Vehicle Guidance Control in Straight and Contour Modes patent is for a method and system in which an agricultural vehicle is steered using GPS data. The Soil Cultivation Implement Control Apparatus and Method patent enables the position of a towed agricultural implement to be controlled and maintained using GPS data.

Leica XPro v4.0 provides ground processing workfl ow

The Leica XPro, developed jointly by Leica Geosystems and North West Geomatics Ltd., Canada, provides ground processing workfl ow from data download to image generation

NovAtel Inc. appoints Michael Ritter as new President and CEO

NovAtel Inc., announced that Michael Ritter has been named as the company’s new President and CEO.

Contex receives BERTL’s Best Award for 2008

Contex announced today that BERTL has awarded the Contex SD4400 series scanners the 2008 BERTL’s Best Award for best value for price in a wide format scanner.

Spatial Networks announces acquisition of TrekServ, LLC

Spatial Networks has acquired Tampabased TrekServ, LLC, a privately held global tracking technology firm. It acquisition includes proprietary, patentpending technologies that provide secure, global tracking of mobile assets and atrisk personnel. spatialnetworks.come

Blaupunkt sold to Aurelius

Munich-based AURELIUS acquired the business from the Car Multimedia Division of Robert Bosch GmbH, better known under the brand name ‘Blaupunkt’. www.

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