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Wishful thinking

Some recent announcements,

Especially in the Union Budget of India for fiscal year 2014 -15.

Rs 7,060 crore for ‘100 Smart Cities’ project,

Development of industrial corridors with emphasis on Smart Cities,

An investment of Rs 37,880 crore in National Highway Authority of India,

Proposed State Roads includes Rs 3000 crores for the North East,Metro Projects in Lucknow and Ahemdabad,

For inland navigation, project on Ganges called “Jal Marg Vikas”

Proposal to track supplies for Public Distribution System using GPS

Pan India programme of “Digital India”Digitization and mapping using GIS for better management and usage of Indian Railways

Bullet train project on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route, etc. etc.

Wish these announcements not to end up as ‘wishful thinking’.

Bal Krishna, Editor

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