The information battle

Aug 2006 | Comments Off on The information battle


The clout of Indian bureaucracy is demonstrated, again.

On July 20, the Union Cabinet of India approves amendments in Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI).

And these proposed amendments have the potential to kill the spirit behind the RTI Act.

The landmark RTI Act is, otherwise, considered as a piece of progressive
legislation and an effective tool to fight against corruption and inefficiency.

Moreover, it can redefine the relationship between a state and its citizens.

The proposed amendment of ‘excluding file notings’ means that the
process of decision making will be kept out of the public domain.

A major point lost.

And a victory of bureaucracy and policy makers who are comfortable with the status quo.

If geomatics is projected as a technology to bring efficiency and transparency in governance, it may also face resistance with similar mindsets and vested interests.

The hope is the vibrant and growing movement of “Right to Information”.

The struggle continues…


Bal Krishna, Editor




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