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Jan 2021 | No Comment


When WhatsApp recently proposed certain changes in their privacy policy in certain parts of the world,

There was an outrage.

And this further has triggered a rush to the possible alternatives, which are just a few.

What purported as empowering,

Technology has entrenched deep in our lives.

And worse, has enslaved us. What we do, what we eat, where we go, whom we meet, …

Our actions, our movements are tracked and documented.

Monitored and monetized,

As that was not enough,

It has captivated our brains, our thinking, and our ability to think.

A few techno-oligarch are set to rule the billions.

At times they entice the gullible,

And at times they connive with the tyrants.

Privacy is a privilege – too precious to afford!

Bal Krishna, Editor

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