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Despite the communication lost with the lander Vikram

On the early morning of September 7, 2019

Ninety five per cent of the mission Chandrayaan 2 objectives have been accomplished

As the Orbiter module

Will continue to carry out most of the scientific investigations

for over 7.5 years instead of one year as announced earlier.

Indian Research Space Organization’s (ISRO) exploratory missions know no bounds

and will continue to dive deeper into the space.

Such space missions are more exploratory in nature.

They can neither be confined to the boundaries of success and failure

Nor be trivialized to premature celebratory blitz.

Instead, ISRO deserves accolades

for venturing in to an unexplored trajectory to reach south pole of the moon.

Though the lander Vikram could not land as planned,

We are on the moon, anyway.

Bal Krishna, Editor

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