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Mosiac integrates RIEGL Mobile Mapping Systems

Nov 2022 | No Comment

Mosiac has announced its product portfolio would integrate RIEGL’s mobile mapping systems to gather more advanced 3D data.

The technology alliance also allows Mosiac end-users to record and analyse 3D object surfaces and environments to assist with city planning, construction, and maintenance.

The Mosaic X and Mosaic 51 photogrammetry cameras now leverage RIEGL V-Line Scanning technology to produce high-precision LiDAR-based point clouds that accurately digitise environmental textures, which use RIEGL VMY-1, VMY-2, VMQ-1HA, and VMX-2HA Mobile Mapping Systems.

According to Mosiac, the RIEGL alliance meets its client’s demand for highly accurate, dense, and feature-rich data. Various Mosiac clients from sectors like telecommunications, engineering, and insurance can use RIEGL’s integrated systems to improve data-gathering operations.

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