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MicroCloud Hologram realizes the 3D Holographic Reconstruction of single-photon LiDAR data

Feb 2023 | No Comment

MicroCloud Hologram Inc. a Hologram Digital Twins Technology provider, has announced that it developed a point cloud denoising algorithm for the real-time 3D holographic reconstruction of single-photon LiDAR data. The algorithm is the result of the Company’s independent research and development, which is conducive to further improving the Company’s intellectual property protection system, maintaining its technological leadership, and enhancing its core competitiveness.

Although 3D holographic LiDAR point cloud imaging continues to evolve rapidly, currently available computational imaging algorithms are often too slow, insufficiently detailed, or require extremely high arithmetic power, and even CNN-based (convolutional neural network) algorithms for estimating scene depth struggle to meet real-time requirements after training. HOLO proposes a new algorithm structure that meets the requirements of speed, robustness, and scalability. The algorithm applies a point cloud denoising tool for computer graphics and can efficiently model the target surface as a 2D manifold embedded in 3D space. This algorithm can merge information about the observed model, such as Poisson noise, the presence of bad pixels, compressed sensing, etc. This algorithm also uses stream modeling tools for computer graphics and can process tens of frames per second by selecting massively parallel noise reducers. HOLO’s algorithm consists of three main steps: depth update, intensity update, and background update.

HOLO’s real-time 3D holographic reconstruction based on single photon data adopts a new computational framework. This framework allows the 3D reconstruction of complex outdoor scenes with a processing time of about 10-20 milliseconds by combining statistical models with highly expandable computational tools of computer imaging technology. The algorithm developed by HOLO can handle every pixel surface, allowing target detection and imaging in complex scenes. It also enables stable real-time target reconstruction of complex moving scenes, paving the way for implementing video-rate single photon LiDAR technology for 3D holographic imaging applications.

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