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iMapWeather radio application

Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. has announced the full suite of Location-Based Service features on the iMapWeather Radio App. The app sends alerts only to a user in a geo-referenced polygon of dangerous weather, reducing false alarms and keeping alerts focused on exact areas of impact. The app also boasts features like “Follow Me” where users can move around and still receive alerts wherever they go. The app “wakes up” the phone and provides an early voice and text warning to help individuals and families seek safety – even in the middle of the night, or when the power goes out.

LBS worth $10bn by 2016

Location-based services are expected to bring in $10 billion in revenue by 2016, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. The biggest chunk, just over 50 percent, will come from locationbased search advertising. The firm said the biggest obstacle is consumer privacy concerns about location data, but if location services provide enough transparency about how they use and store this information, it should not derail the approaching money train.

Sensor simplifies system design

Freescale Semiconductor introduces a new high-precision pressure sensor for altitude detection designed to help users further leverage advanced navigation capabilities and emerging location-based services such as GPS assist and e911. The Xtrinsic MPL3115A2 smart digital pressure sensor processes pressure and temperature data locally, requiring fewer computations assigned to the applications processor and thereby reducing power significantly compared to systems using basic sensors directly managed by the host processor.

A Look at the boom in LBS

The search for local products and services continues to shift away from the Yellow Pages and online directories and search engines to location-based services via a plethora of mobile apps. Services like Foursquare, Facebook Places and ShopKick are leading the charge, as consumers shop on the go and share details about purchases with friends. The power of a personal recommendation is coming full circle as it becomes easier to share and find reviews and ratings on local shopping apps. There are 6,000 location-based apps for the Apple iPhone alone, allowing users to share photos, videos and reviews.

China’s LBS market hits 6.55 million

A study by EnfoDesk released via Analysys International revealed that China reached 6.55 million location-based accounts by the end of the first quarter this year. LBS in China includes Jiepang, Bedo, and Dianping. Jiepang, which recently partnered with Louis Vuitton for a location-based campaign in China, reported that it has over one million users.

UK consumers uncomfortable with LBS

Most consumers in the UK would not be comfortable with businesses accessing their location data in exchange for improved services. Even assuming location-based services improved customer service, 61% of UK respondents said they were uncomfortable with the idea, compared to 16% who said otherwise.

Nokia renews mission for mobile

Nokia’s revised mission is related to mobile and location-based services. The Location & Commerce business will develop a new class of integrated social location products and services for consumers, as well as platform services and local commerce services for device manufacturers, application developers, internet services providers, merchants, and advertisers. It will also create integrated social location offerings in support of Nokia’s strategic goal in smartphones, including its products with Windows Phones, as well as support for bringing the internet to the next billion.

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