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Baidu unveils next-gen autonomous vehicle

Baidu, Inc. has unveiled its nextgeneration fully autonomous vehicle (AV) Apollo RT6, an all-electric, productionready model with a detachable steering wheel. It will be put into operation in China in 2023 on Apollo Go, Baidu’s autonomous ride-hailing service.

Apollo RT6 integrates Baidu’s most advanced L4 autonomous driving system, powered by automotive-grade dual computing units with a computing power of up to 1200 TOPS. The vehicle utilizes 38 sensors, including 8 LiDARs and 12 cameras, to obtain highly accurate, longrange detection on all sides. The safety and reliability of Apollo RT6 are backed by a massive trove of real-world data, a total test mileage of over 32 million kilometers (~20 million miles) driven by Baidu’s AV to date. and SANY to develop next-gen autonomous trucks has announced a strategic joint venture with SANY Heavy Truck (SANY), China’s heavy equipment manufacturer to create a worldleading autonomous truck brand. The two companies will deeply integrate’s “virtual driver” with SANY’s technical accumulation in the field of wire-controlled chassis and vehicle development to jointly develop high-end heavy trucks that are automotive-grade and have L4- class redundancies.

METIS & BUREAU VERITAS to advance augmented ship services

Bureau Veritas (BV), one of the world’s leading ship classification societies, Laskaridis Shipping and METIS Cyberspace Technology who provides ship environmental and operational performance smart tools have agreed to embark on a pilot project to develop and apply a new BV SMART 3 Class notation covering the use of augmented data in ship operations.

Modern ships increasingly use smart systems designed to improve their operational efficiency. As part of its strategy to support maritime digitalization, BV has developed a framework of SMART notations for ships, which provide consistent and uniform standards for the ‘smart’ techniques used to monitor and improve fleet performance.

Anari AI launched Thor X

A new Cloud-based technology “System-on-Cloud”, developed by the Anari AI team, introduces an optimized and efficient system from various different hardware and software architectures combined with machine learning models to revolutionize the way AI compute systems are utilized. Anari AI is launching Thor X, the first “System-on-Cloud” specialized in semantic segmentation of 3D point cloud data structures. Primarily focused on providing custom hardware acceleration to industries such as geospatial, BIM, digital twin, and metaverse, Thor X is enabling 30x more efficient processing compared to the best GPUs on the market.

BAE Systems selected to advance autonomous technology

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) awarded BAE Systems a $7.8 million contract to develop tightly integrated machine learning software as part of the Multi-Sensor Exploitation for Tactical Autonomy (META) program. This technology will enable advanced situational awareness and automatic target recognition (ATR).

Under the terms of the award, BAE Systems’ FAST Labs™ research and development organization will provide Environmentally Adaptive Geospatial Learning and Exploitation, an innovative suite of machine learning and fusion algorithms.

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