We need more than one “GIS”

Sep 2008 | Comments Off on We need more than one “GIS”

For reasons unknown, the “GIS/Geographic” has quietly crossed its rightful “domain
It was up to 1985 that everything used to be “packed” into Land

Information System (LIS). Then, more “comprehensive” Geographic Information System (GIS). Recently, another “GIS” (Geospatial Information System) is being introduced by some universities.

For reasons unknown, the “GIS/ Geographic” has quietly crossed its

rightful “domain”. It is now more than “geographic”. However, if we review closely, the “GEO” in geography seems to “engulf” all other “GEO” information systems, e.g., GUS/Geodetic, GIS/Geologic. Even “MIS” (Marine Information System” is hardly considered.

To rectify the overlap(s) and mix up of different types of information under “Geo”, the following “naming “ system is proposed:

• Geodetic Information System (GdIS)

• Geographic Information

System (GgIS)

• Geologic Information System (GlIS)

• Geophysical Information System (GpIS).

All the above systems will become “layers” of the “Earth Information

System (EIS). Under this “Umbrella”, more “specific” systems, e.g., Ocean Information System (OIS), Mineral Information System (MIS) would enter.

Your Coordinates, as suggestions, improvements, or agreement

would be greatly appreciated.


JMuneendra Kumar PhD, Chief Geodesist (Retired),

US National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency,

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