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Leica RCD30 Penta Oblique system

RCD30 Penta Oblique system is now available with new optics. The camera is now available with 80 mm and 150 mm focal length respectively. In combination with the new 80 MP CCD sensor, it now provides data with even more detail. These new features make the RCD30 the only oblique system able to acquire 4-channel RGBN multispectral data with 10 centimetre Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) from an altitude of 3,000 metres.

Altus APS-NR2 GNSS RTK receiver

Altus Positioning Systems, a Septentrio company has announced the commercial availability of its next-generation APS-NR2 GNSS RTK receiver. According to Altus CEO Neil Vancans, the new Altus APS-NR2 provides an unprecedented combination of performance and features that make it ideal for a wide range of applications. It is high on RTK performance, high speed and light weight. It also has dual cellular antennae, hence automatic switchover eliminates downtime due to signal loss. It is also Esri Compatible and has an Open architecture.

KVH receives $19 million order from a military customer

KVH Industries, Inc. has received a $19 million contract for the delivery of a new fiber optic gyro- (FOG) based tactical navigation system for use by an international military customer in an armored vehicle application. A variant of KVH’s TACNAV® FOG product and KVH’s new TACNAV 3D, the system provides continuous high-accuracy position and orientation even when GPS is lost or jammed.

Hemisphere GNSS announces new survey grade GNSS antennas

Hemisphere has announced two low profile, multipurpose antennas. With unique filtering patterns and precise attention paid to mitigation of multipath and interference, the A25 and A45 antennas complement all GNSS products, from L1 GPS to multi-frequency, multi-constellation. Both have been designed to support millimeter accuracy for land and marine applications and support present and future GNSS signals. The A25 supports the previously mentioned signals at a single-frequency level, while the A45 supports these signals at a multifrequency level.

Juniper Systems & Effigis partnership

Juniper Systems and Effigis have partnered to provide a powerful, yet inexpensive solution to easily capture and post-process GPS data to attain sub-meter accuracy. Effigis’ OnPOZ Precision Positioning Software suite takes advantage of the superior GNSS performance Juniper Systems’ Archer 2™ rugged handheld provides to collect high-accuracy GPS data. First, EZTag CE™ software is used on the Archer 2 to capture GPS field data points. The data is then sent to a desktop computer, where EZSurv® Post-Processing Software automatically post-processes the data to achieve results with sub-meter accuracy. EZSurv takes the hassle out of post-processing, requiring only the click of a button to run.

New 3D mobile mapping technology

Routescene has launched a new turnkey 3D mobile mapping solution, the Routescene LidarPod, which will save time, achieve more detailed and faster results. It will enable quick, accurate, safe and cost effective surveys. There is an increasing demand for 3D data, which is taking over from traditional 2D maps and this trend will accelerate in the next few years. There is also an increased need to update mapping information more frequently, with customers displaying an ever increasing sophistication using a variety of applications which need 3D data.

OxTS launches smallest and lightest INS to date

The xOEM500 is the latest offering to OEMs and system integrators and is the first system from OxTS to come as an embedded GNSS/INS board set configuration. Boasting a weight of just 120 g which includes dual GNSS receivers, a custom built MEMS based IMU, onboard processing, and internal logging and storage, the xOEM500 is perfectly suited for all applications where size and weight as well as performance matter. It is ideal for use on UAVs and other weight constrained applications. A full software package including post-processing is included at no extra cost allowing instant access to the best possible data. And being free from export control, there really are no obstacles when integrating the xOEM500.

Carlson Software Introduces Surveyor2 Data Collector

Carlson Surveyor2 is the newest model of Carlson Software’s Carlson Surveyor line of data collectors. It is completely ruggedized, with an IP68 water and dust resistant Ingress rating. Still weighing just 900g, the Carlson Surveyor2 offers increased program memory (now 512MB) and increased non-volatile data storage (now 8 gigabytes) — and a 1.0 GHz processor to provide the effectiveness surveyors need in the field. It also comes equipped with significantly increased Bluetooth range – up to 450 metres when paired with a class I device.

ProMark 800 aids demining operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is burdened with one of the world’s most severe land mine problems as a result of the four years of hostilities from 1992 to 1995 that left an estimated two million unexploded landmines and munitions scattered in 28,699 locations throughout the country. In one district in the northeast of the country, Posavina.

Without Mines (PWM), a humanitarian, non-profit NGO, is under contract with the government of the District of Brcko to warn residents of mined areas by permanently marking suspected contaminated areas, removing the lethal objects and helping mine-affected victims. The task of marking suspected areas to warn residents begins when Posavina Without Mines (PWM) receives mapping information from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center (BH MAC), the nation’s central landmine research and coordinating authority.

Posavina Without Mines uploads the data it receives from BH MAC into its Spectra Precision ProMark 800 recently purchased through a grant it received to acquire a GNSS capability. Each warning sign is positioned with the aid of the ProMark 800 and assigned a unique serial number. A list of the serial numbers, coordinates and photos of each site comprises a permanent record and database that is submitted to BH MAC.

Trimble News

Inpho® version 6.0

Trimble has announced a new version of its photogrammetric software suite—Inpho® version 6.0, which provides highly automated workflows for photogrammetry and remote sensing professionals so they can process thousands of airborne images with high precision. Inpho version 6.0 increases efficiency by reducing project turnaround times and improves the quality of deliverables via new automated and interactive tools and satellite triangulation functionality.


The Trimble NetR9 Geospatial has been configured as a comprehensive modular GNSS receiver for the professional survey market. Its lightweight form factor comes fully loaded with performance enhancements including: Trimble HD-GNSS technology, Trimble 360 technology, Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service support and Trimble xFill technology.

Geo 7X with Trimble Access

Designed for surveyors facing a variety of workflow requirements to accomplish both high-accuracy

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