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JAVAD GNSS Announces Visual Stakeout for Triumph-VS

With Visual Stakeout (VSO) the virtual location of the point to be staked can be seen by a “fl ag” shown on the Triumph- VS camera image. This visual aid helps to navigate quickly to the point and makes stakeout jobs fast and fun. The VSO precision is better when closer to the target point and also better when the point is close to the crosshair. Accordingly, the best way to get the most precise target point picture is to place the device so that the bottom camera’s marking circle is right in the center of the screen and the virtual bubble level has its bubble right in the center.

Use VSO as an easy and convenient way to get close to the target point, and then switch to the regular stakeout mode to perform precise measurement.

Hemisphere GPS New A325™ GNSS Smart Antenna

Hemisphere GPS has introduced the affordable A325 GNSS Smart Antenna. This new design incorporates professional-level centimeter and submeter positioning accuracy powered by Hemisphere GPS’ Eclipse™ receiver technology and includes L-band and Bluetooth communications support. A325 is a great fi t for a variety of applications including agriculture, construction, straddle carriers, robotics, marine, survey, and GIS.

Carlson Civil 2013 & Hydrology 2013

For civil engineering work, the just released Carlson Civil 2013 provides an improved, fresh user-interface with more than a score of new and updated icons, plus an optional ribbon toolbar among its many additional improvements. It offers new lateral design elements for sewer networks, plus new pond design options. Carlson Civil and Hydrology are comprehensive, yet easy-tomaster civil engineering software solutions. Both provide support for AutoCAD® 2013 and also work on AutoCAD versions 2004 and up. All Carlson 2013 offi ce software comes with IntelliCAD® 7.2 built-in, which offers greater performance and stability, plus support for MrSid and JPG 2000 images.

MobileMapper 100 a clear winner

The Latvian State Forest Service (SFS) recently evaluated four leading brands of GNSS handheld mapping devices in a head-to-head comparison that included rigorous fi eld trials, fi nancial cost and technical specifi cations. The Ashtech MobileMapper 100 achieved the best results in all comparisons, according to an SFS spokesperson.

NVS Firmware v0205

NVS Technologies AG has released Firmware v0205 for its NV08C-CSM and NV08C-MCM multi-GNSS Receivers. It provides, performance improvements, assures optimum operation with leap second correction and enables operation beyond 18000 metres of altitude, to the highly integrated NV08C-CSM SMT receiver module and the very compact NV08C-MCM BGA SiP receiver.

BAE Systems develops a new positioning system

BAE Systems has developed a new positioning system, Navigation via Signals of Opportunity (NAVSOP), which could complement or even replace current technologies such as GPS. It relies on the same signals used by mobile phones, TVs, radios and wi-fi rather than navigation satellites. The fi rm said that NAVSOP could help fi nd victims inside buildings during a fi re and locate stolen vehicles hidden in underground car parks. It could also be used in a war if the satnav system was turned off.

CHC releases LT400 submeter geospatial data collector

CHC has introduced LT400 – a compact, rugged and cost-effective handheld submeter real-time GPS receiver for GIS and mapping professionals. It is a suitable GIS hardware solution ready for use with third-party GIS software applications answering to a wide range of applications such as forestry, utilities and agriculture. Designed for realworld fi eld conditions, it combines 3.7″ full VGA sunlight readable display, powerful 806 MHz processor, all-day battery life and a professional high-performance 12-channel GPS receiver to capture data wherever you need with consistent SBAS and DGPS submeter accuracy.

Astrium selects DLR for the EDRS ground network

Astrium, Europe’s leading space company, continues to drive the implementation of the European Data Relay System (EDRS). It has contracted the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) to implement and operate major parts of the ground network. The agreement covers the design, implementation, delivery and operation of four ground stations: two receiving stations for the EDRS-A satellite in Weilheim, Germany and Harwell, UK, as well as a transmitting and receiving station for EDRS-C in Weilheim, Germany, and a back-up station in Redu, Belgium.

Windows embedded Handheld 6.5 by Juniper Systems

Juniper Systems has unveiled Microsoft Windows embedded Handheld 6.5 for the Mesa Rugged Notepad. This latest operating system version comprises operating system updates from Microsoft, several new features requested by customers, and other various improvements. The new operating system is available to download for all existing Mesa Rugged Notepads on the Juniper Systems website.

Spirent Launches New Entry- Level Multi-GNSS Simulator

Spirent Communications has launched its new GSS6300M Multi-GNSS simulator designed for integration, verifi cation and production testing where a quick and accurate functional test is needed. The platform supports simulation of signals from individual or combined GPS/SBAS, GLONASS and Galileo constellations, with eight satellites per constellation. It supports two modes of operation – integrated into an Automated Test Equipment (ATE) environment or using Spirent’s powerful SimCHAN software.

GMV success in public transport management in India

GMV Spain, in collaboration with its local partner Vayam Technologies, has designed and installed Intelligent Transportation Management System (ITMS) for Ahmedabad’s Bus Rapid Transportation System (BRTS). An integral control center has been set up, formed by an advanced fl eet management system and a fare collection system. The on board equipment includes advanced GPS tracking devices designed and manufactured by GMV, bus driver consoles and a loudspeaker and microphone system for passing on information to the driver and enabling two-way voice communication with the control center.

Leica iCON CC50 controller

Leica Geosystems has added iCON CC50 to its intelligent CONstruction product portfolio. It is a handy, versatile and rugged PDA with a 3.5” color display. The unit is used to control Leica iCON sensors and to operate the software packages of the iCONstruct toolbox. It is also supported by the updated Leica iCONstruct v1.1 software that has been further enhanced.

Thanks to Leica GeoMoS – Rock Fall in the Swiss Canton of Ticino

During the night of 14 May 300,000 m3 of rock broke off the Valegion mountain and crashed down 1,000 m to the valley fl oor in the Swiss canton of Ticino, near the village of Preonzo. Thanks in part to Leica Geosystems’ Deformation Monitoring solution GeoMoS local authorities were able to evacuate the valley’s industrial zone and to close the A2 highway and several cantonal roads at an early stage. The automatic monitoring system has provided continuous information about every movement in the affected zone. Two years ago a Leica TM30 Monitoring Sensor was installed on a stable pillar below the slide area and connected to the Leica GeoMoS monitoring system. Since then the sensor has monitored 15 observation points located inside and outside the danger zone every hour, 24/7.

New Rugged Leica Zeno 5

Leica Zeno 5is an entry-level, rugged PDA for organizations that require a durable compact device with integrated modem and high-sensitive GPS. It supports fi eld workers by combining a mobile phone with asset collection and management capabilities.

Alpha Micro introduces u-blox 7

Alpha Micro, an independent design-based distributor of M2M electronic components, has introduced the u-blox 7 next generation core positioning technology platform designed to support all Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

Trimble CenterPoint RTX Correction Service to Farmers in Latin America

Trimble has announced that its highaccuracy, satellite-delivered CenterPoint(TM) RTX(TM) correction service is now available for farmers in Latin America. Trimble CenterPoint RTX can deliver better than 3.8 centimeter (1.5 inch) accuracies in real time without the use of traditional reference station RTK infrastructure.

Beijing Esky Technology Reseller of DAT/EM Systems in China

DAT/EM Systems International welcomes Beijing Esky Technology, Ltd. as its new reseller in the People’s Republic of China. Beijing Esky was formed in 2012 specifi cally to sell DAT/EM products in China.

Trimble’s Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution (TIMMS)

TIMMS is a manually operated pushcart designed to accurately model interior spaces without accessing GPS. It consists of 3 core elements: LiDAR and camera systems engineered to work indoors in mobile mode, computers and electronics for completing data acquisition, and data processing workfl ow for producing fi nal 2D / 3D maps and models. The models are “geo-located”, meaning the real world position of each area is known.

Automatic Point Cloud Generation and 3D Modelling from Aerial Images

Tridicon® PointCloud GTA offers a new tool that produces accurate point clouds for 3D analysis as well as textured digital surface models from imagery collected in fl ight missions with aeroplanes, helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicles as well as satellite imagery or terrestrial photography collected with mobile mapping vehicles.

Cody Corporation partners with F4Devices

Cody Corporation, Australia has agreed to carry the F4Devices product line for the Australasian region on an exclusive basis. Cody Corp will provide all warranty and out of warranty repair services for the newly released Flint handheld as well as subsequent hardware releases from F4Devices. Flint handheld offers a unique combination of flexible GPS
confi gurations ranging from 1-3 meter measurements to Sub-Meter accuracies.

Esri designs GIS platform for US housing dept

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Offi ce of Community Planning and Development (CPD) released CPD Maps, a web application of HUD’s enterprise GIS platform, which is built on Esri’s ArcGIS system. CPD Maps is a component of HUD’s eCon Planning Suite, a set of tools designed to help state and local government grantees make better decisions about affordable housing and community development.

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