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All-in-one office software for topographical data by GeoMax

GeoMax has announced the X-PAD Office Fusion, the all-in-one office software combining data from multiple sensors into one easy-to-use interface. It manages, combines and processes data from GNSS receivers, total stations, laser scanners and other sensors in one single environment whether from GeoMax or any other provider in the market. There is no need to export the data from one programme to another, and X-PAD also offers all CAD features. The Bundle Adjustment feature performs the final and accurate alignment in order to reduce errors. Personalised reports are then created with little effort.

New Crescent® Vector™ H220 OEM by Hemisphere GNSS

Hemisphere GNSS, Inc. has announced the Crescent Vector H220, the next offering in a line of new and refreshed, low-power, high-precision, positioning and heading OEM boards. The single-frequency, multi-GNSS H220 provides added benefits over the prior generation H200 with a more robust positioning and heading solution and integrates Atlas® GNSS Global Correction Service. The latest technology platform enables simultaneous tracking of all L1 constellations including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS, making it robust and reliable.

Tersus GNSS RTK solutions

Tersus GNSS Inc. has launched its proprietary RTK technology and integrated solutions, the Tersus David RTK box as well as the Precis GNSS Boards & Receivers. Users have the ability to get centimeter-level positioning accuracy and flexible connectivity for applications. Tersus David RTK is the innovative RTK solution for centimeter-level accuracy using smartphone. By plugging into phone with USB cable, The Tersus David turns your phone into RTK rover, GIS collector, RTK base, and so forth. It supports GPS L1/L2, BeiDou B1/B2, GLONASS G1/G2.

Leica Geosystems, Matterport partner to deliver AEC solution

Leica Geosystemsand Matterport have announced a partnership to deliver a fast, simple solution for creating, modifying, distributing, and navigating immersive 3D and digital images. The effort is aimed at the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector. The partnership is focused on integrating the new Leica BLK360 imaging laser scanner and encompassing Multivista’s construction progress documentation services into Matterport’s cloud-based platform.

New high-end GNSS simulator from Rohde & Schwarz

The new R&S SMW200A GNSS simulator offers an innovative test solution for easy generation of complex and highly realistic test scenarios for a wide variety of GNSS applications. Users now have access to 72 GNSS channels that can be assigned to up to four RF outputs. The R&S SMW200A can generate QZSS and SBAS signals as well as GPS, Glonass, Galileo and BeiDou signals. The R&S SMW200A is the first and only high-end GNSS simulator on the market that has an internal noise generator and can generate complex interference scenarios with multiple interferers. All signals (GNSS, noise and interference) are generated directly in the instrument.

Dual Frequency GNSS Receiver with cm accuracy by Broadcom

Broadcom Limited has announced the world’s first mass-market, dual frequency GNSS receiver device, the BCM47755, designed to enhance LBS applications for mobile phones, tablets and fitness wearables. Equipped with the latest GNSS innovations, the device is capable of centimeter accuracy with minimal power consumption and footprint, enabling an entirely new suite of high-precision LBS applications including lane-level vehicle navigation and mobile augmented reality (AR).

Hexagon Mining applies HxGN Logic to mine planning workflow

Hexagon Mining has introduced to its MineSight mine planning suite, HxGN Logic, a product designed to help users easily create process workflows for modeling. Logic includes security roles, an audit trail, and flexible data sources, assisting users in managing the process from drillholes to a model. It builds upon the foundation of proven MineSight Basis routines, moving them into an easy-tofollow workflow-building tool. It also integrates with MineSight’s other geology solutions, allowing users to launch products such as the Model Calculation Tool, or MineSight Reserve from directly inside the tool.

Septentrio unveils the new Altus NR3

Septentrio has released Altus NR3: a multi-frequency, quad-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo) RTK receiver for survey and GIS applications. It features Septentrio’s pioneering AIM+ interference mitigation and monitoring system allowing continued operation in the presence of both intentional and non-intentional interference. It combines advanced GNSS features with a robust communications suite together in one compact, low-power and easyto- use unit.

SBG Systems launches “SBG +Services”

SBG Systems, leading manufacturer of inertial navigation systems, adds to its catalog a full set of technical services called the “SBG +Services”. Dedicated to Surveyors as well as Integrators, these services increase productivity by enhancing utilization efficiency and bringing clever solutions to daily project challenges.

Choosing an inertial sensor is more than matching technical specifications. Professionals face other challenges such as training a new employee, ensure a production with a minimum interruption, or simply secure a budget during several years. To answer all these needs and even more, SBG Systems built a whole range of services: the SBG +Services.

World record set for drones with 4 hour and 34 minute flight

Skyfront, creator of the world’s longest endurance multirotor drones for the agriculture, energy and utility industries, has announced that its flagship drone has just set a world record for endurance. The Skyfront Tailwind UAV flew for a total of 4 hours and 34 minutes, 10 times longer than typical batterypowered drones.

NavHub navigation system launched

The German Ministry of Defense selected Rockwell Collins’ NavHub navigation system to provide GNSS availability to a variety of its military vehicles. The NavHub system serves as a next-generation GNSS- and Military-Code (M-Code)-enabled solution for the German Armed Forces.

Safe City Solution recognition for Hexagon

Hexagon AB has received the “Best Developer Partner Award” and the “Business Win-Win Award” at Huawei Connect 2017 . With most of the world’s population living in cities, Hexagon and Huawei have collaborated on the first end-to-end Safe City solution. Hexagon received the awards for its work to develop, market and sell the joint solution with Huawei. The solution has been chosen to solve safe city challenges across multiple projects in 8 countries so far.

NPL 322+ New Reflectorless and Prism-only Total Station

Nikon-Trimble Co., Ltd has introduced a new version of the Nikon NPL- 322+ Total Station, now available in both reflectorless and prism-only versions. It delivers an economic, versatile, and easy-to-use platform. Nikon’s legendary optics effectively allow in more light to give brighter and clearer images. Even in the lowvisibility conditions typical in the field.

The NPL 322+ allows you to see more detail and much less distortion, especially over longer distances. Using the same rechargeable long life Li-ion battery as the Nivo series, combined with low power consumption design, the NPL- 322+ provides the longest possible time in the field. For convenience, the Nikon NPL-322+ total stations include two batteries and a dual charger, to support even the longest of working days.

GNSS master clock and NTP/PTP time server

VersaSync is a high-performance GPS master clock and network time server that delivers accurate, software configurable time and frequency signals under all circumstances, including GNSS-denied environments. Its compact size and high level of ruggedization make VersaSync suitable for mobile applications in harsh environments. Its small footprint allows for easy integration of the time and frequency functionality into systems architecture.

Unicore launches high-precision GNSS receiver module

Unicore has launched its next-generation quad-system GNSS module, the UM482. The UM482 is a multi-frequency highprecision heading module with a small footprint, supporting the satellite signals BDS B1/B2, GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, Galileo E1/ E5b and SBAS. The module is designed for applications such as robotics, drones, intelligent drives and mechanical control.

Skydel Releases SDX 17.8

Montreal, Quebec-based Skydel Solutions has released SDX 17.8 software-defined GNSS simulator. The 17.8 release menu features, among other things: Gaussian noise, spectrum view and GUI improvements, as well as Advanced Jamming. Advanced Jamming is an option new to SDX that brings unique interference testing capabilities to SDX users. It leverages the power of the GPU/software-defined radios (SDR) combo to create an unheardof way to simulate interferences, Skydel states, enabling transmitter trajectories and user-defined waveform creation. It’s designed to be very intuitive and powerful. SDX is multifrequency (upper and lower L-band) and multi-cWonstellation. SDX uses GPU-accelerated computing and SDR, and is available as complete turnkey systems or software only.

Taoglas launches new multiband GNSS antennas

Taoglas has launched a range of high-performance GNSS antennas specifically designed to power the next generation of applications that require highly accurate location capabilities, including navigation, UAVs, surveying, agriculture, and paving the way for the rise of autonomous vehicles. The new antenna range is the most comprehensive series of high-precision GNSS antennas in the market today, and incorporates several new form factors to help drive optimal performance and location capabilities across a wide variety of use cases.

Advanced Navigation release GNSS Compass product

The GNSS Compass is an all in one dual antenna GNSS/INS that provides accurate heading, position and velocity. All of this is done at a very low price point whilst providing precise figures, making it an accessible choice for many applications.

It is capable of providing accurate heading even during GNSS outages (for up to 20 minutes). This is possible as a result of the INS integration embedded into the product. Additionally, it is not subject to magnetic interference further widening its applications. www.


Trimble News

Expands Field-to-Finish capabilities

New version of Trimble® Business Center and the introduction of Trimble Clarity, a new cloud-based application that enables geospatial professionals to easily visualize and share 3-D point cloud data with clients. The new software versions expand the field-to-finish workflows for survey and mapping professionals, providing a complete solution for the delivery of highquality geospatial information to clients.

Next-Gen Mechanical Total Stations

Trimble® C5 and C3, the next generation of mechanical total stations to support land survey professionals with their cadastral survey, topographic survey and stakeout needs. Both the TSs come standard with autofocus technology. With premium-quality Nikon optics, the new C-Series reduces time in the field with improved measuring speed and the longest electronic distance measuring (EDM) range of any Trimble conventional instrument. Users can also protect their investment with the optional Trimble L2P (Locate2Protect) for asset security to locate lost, stolen or missing equipment as well as the optional Trimble AllTrak™ location technology for asset management to track and manage jobsite tools.

New Version of eCognition Software Suite

eCognition Suite 9.3 is a software platform for advanced geospatial image analysis for environmental, agriculture, forestry and infrastructure applications. It leverages the latest image feature extraction technology to solve challenging problems faster and more accurately for remote sensing specialists, (GIS) experts, cartographers, photogrammetry and other geospatial professionals.

High-Performance T10 Tablet

Trimble® T10 tablet is a rugged, highperformance data processing platform suitable for a variety of survey and GIS applications. It provides the processing power of a laptop computer in tablet form, enhancing efficiencies for geospatial users in the field. It is an ideal platform for large data sets such as point clouds, images, maps and other complex or processor-intensive data.

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