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V100 GPS Compass revolutionize Parking Enforcement

The traditional solution to parking regulation was for enforcement officers
to manually mark vehicle tires with a line of chalk and later handwrite a ticket to
unmoved vehicles in violation of parking regulations. By partnering Hemisphere
GPS’ V100 GPS Compass with Tannery Creek Systems Inc’s patented autoChalk™
software, parking enforcement can now ticket offenders in real-time as they drive
past in their patrol car.

The backbone of autoChalk™software is Hemisphere GPS’ V100 GPS Compass which provides
heading and positioning data to determine the exact time, location and parking enforcement area of an offending vehicle.
Digital cameras mounted on the side of the patrol vehicle automatically take a
before and after picture of the vehicle to be analyzed for infractions. All of this is done
while patrolling at 40 km/h and scanning at a rate of two vehicles per second, from
up to eight feet away. The V100 GPS compass’ two multipath-resistant antennas
ensure that the signal is not misinterpreted when false signals are being deflected
off downtown skyscrapers. However, if terrain causes a loss of signal, data from the
vehicle’s transmission is paired with input from the integrated gyro and tilt sensor of
the compass to keep carrying a position for up to 10 minutes.

Pacific Crest’s new UHF Receiver

Pacific Crest new ADL RXO is the latest addition to its Advanced Data Link (ADL)
product family of high-speed wireless data links. It is a receive-only UHF radio
and is available in two 40 MHz frequency bands (390-430 and 430-470 MHz) to
cover the entire commercial UHF band without sacrificing radio performance. Its
next generation RF design offers higher bit rates to easily handle RTK corrections for
the current and expanding GNSS satellite constellations.

New GPS receiver from Magellan

Magellan Navigation new receiver, ProFlex 500 is now available in single or dual-frequency versions. Each ensures RTK performance with a precision ranging from sub-metre to centimetre level. Embedded communication features include integrated GSM, UHF and Bluetooth for wireless options as
well as Ethernet and USB connections. It is capable of rapid initialisation and transmitting both GPS and GLONASS data.

GeoEye selects Lockheed Martin

GeoEye has selected Lockheed Martin to build GeoEye-2, the company’s nextgeneration,
high-resolution Earth-imaging satellite system. Bill Schuster, GeoEye’s COO, said, “GeoEye-2 will be the same class of satellite as GeoEye-1 but will benefit from significant improvements in capabilities to better serve our customers’ demands for increased quantities of imagery at higher resolution. Some of these improvements include enhanced tasking capabilities and the ability to collect more imagery at a faster rate.”

u-blox launches photo geotagging

u-blox unveiled a complete hardware and software solution enabling a lowpower photo geotagging system for digital cameras. When embedded in a camera, the chip takes a snapshot of all necessary GPS satellite data in a fraction of a second. When photos are uploaded to a PC or Mac, the data is quickly resolved to latitude/longitude or street address by u blox’ YUMA software.

MobileMapper® Software

MobileMapper Field and MobileMapper Office is a new GIS and mapping software suite from Ashtech. The suite provides a new graphical interface, common to Field and Office, and it includes all the features and options previously available in Mobile Mapping and MobileMapper 6 Office software. Also MobileMapper Field enables collection of multiple features at the same time, the ability to label collected features, configuration of antenna height, and support of the DXF, MIF or CSV formats.

Zachry standardizes on ConstructSim

Bentley Systems announced that Zachry Holdings has standardized on Bentley’s ConstructSim. It produces a construction information model that links data from design deliverables, schematics, project management tools, materials, and resource management systems in a virtual and visual environment. It enables owneroperators and construction managers to avoid costly mistakes and change orders by creating and tracking work packages that closely match the actual construction workflow.

Carlson SurvCE 2.5 released

The new Carlson SurvCE 2.5 has been released. It is a free upgrade for Carlson customers already using SurvCE 2.0 and newer and works with numerous brands of Total Stations and GPS receivers.

Trimble News

Trimble BD982 is an RTK GNSS receiver for guidance and control applications. It is designed to allow OEMs and system integrators to add centimeter-level positioning and heading to specialized or custom hardware solutions. The receiver is based on a pair of Trimble’s advanced 220 channel Maxwell 6 chips, which allow dual antenna inputs and the calculation of multiple GNSS RTK baselines. This eliminates the traditional GNSS problem of determining vehicle heading in static or low-dynamic environments. It supports GPS L1/L2/L5 and GLONASS L1/L2 signals. Trimble has also formed a new industry solutions group within its Mapping & GIS Division – Market Solutions Team. It will work with key industries to develop advanced data use solutions for field workers involved in the collection, management and utilization of geospatial information.

Raytheon awarded Next-Generation Control Segment Contract


The U.S. Air Force has selected Raytheon Company for an initial contract of $886 million to develop a new element of the GPS to improve the accuracy of information from GPS satellites. The contract represents the first two development blocks of the OCX, which will have a significant impact on GPS capabilities. The OCX system will include anti-jam capabilities and improved security, accuracy and reliability and will be based on a modern service-oriented architecture to integrate government and industry open-system standards. The OCX will dramatically affect GPS command, control and mission capabilities and make it easier for the operations team to run the current GPS block II and all future GPS satellites.

Honeywell’s Handheld for Helicopters

Honeywell Bendix/King by Honeywell AV8OR handheld GPS is now available for helicopter operators. It is a portable touch-screen GPS for use in the car or in the air, with real-time weather capability, moving-map navigation and video-in capability. The moving map display incorporates helicopter symbology, low altitude helicopter routes, helipads and controlled airspace.

OmniSTAR Glonass improves convergence by 30%

There was a test done with two OmniSTAR 9200G2 running parallel for 2 days, restarting every hour. One receiver was used with Glonass and GPS. The other receiver did only have GPS corrections. The Glonass enabled receiver converged on average within 10 minutes, while it took the receiver with only GPS 13 minutes to converge to 30 cm. The Glonass receiver showed a 30% faster convergence. An important improvement with the use of Glonass was also increased availability in difficult circumstances.

Vexcel Imaging partners with PCI

Vexcel Imaging GmbH, announced its partnership with PCI Geomatics, an industry leader in geo-imaging products and solutions. The partnership is designed to leverage the strengths of the two organizations to produce an end-to-end image processing system developed specifically for customers of Vexcel Imaging’s UltraCam series of highresolution digital aerial cameras and UltraMap photogrammetric software.

GMV Technology for Malaysia

GMV was selected by Putrajaya Corporation to supply a GPS based fleet control system for the city of Putrajaya, Malaysia. In a consortium with Raisevest Sdn Bhd, GMV’s fleet management experience for urban passenger transportation will make Putrajaya the first city in Malaysia to operate one of today’s most advanced urban-transportation systems for giving real-time passenger information.

IFEN’s GNSS Constellation Simulator awarded certificate

IFEN GmbH GNSS RF navigation constellation simulator NavX®-NCS has been awarded the official certificate of the TÜV SÜD stating the conformance concerning high precision signal generation and Galileo OS SIS ICD conformance of signal characteristics and signal quality.

Topcon ‘MS’ measuring stations

Topcon Europe released MS05A and MS1A automatic total stations in the European Market. The MS05A features 0.5” angle accuracy. The sub-millimeter EDM measures up to 3,500m range with a single standard prism with 0.8mm + 1ppm precision and the typical measurement speed is 2.4 seconds.

Leica News

The Leica IPAS Freebird is designed to improve flight economy and simplify GNSS-IMU processing. It no longer requires a continuous lock of satellites and frees up mission planning by allowing much tighter turns between flight lines. The results are up to 25% improvement in flight economy for sensor missions and time saving of several minutes per turn.

The Leica AR10 wideband GNSS antenna with integrated radome and large ground plane uses an all new antenna technology to provide signal tracking, phase centre accuracy and multipath suppression. It is ideal for reference station, monitoring and campaign applications. It provides exceptional low noise for superior measurement quality.
The Leica Zeno GIS offers a multifunctional and easy GNSS/GIS solution. It provides a one-click automated workflow between the field and office. It provides a colour graphic display in portrait format and a numeric keypad. Alternatively users have the choice to purchase the larger Leica Zeno 15 with a full QWERTY keyboard and a display in landscape format.


►GeoEye, 2009 fourth quarter revenues were $73.2m, 80.0% increase in corresponding period of 2008.
►Infoterra SGSA has acquired 100% of Enifosa’s shares.
►Orbital Sciences acquires General Dynamics’ satellite manufacturing business.
►ESRI Australia to acquire MapData Sciences
►DigitalGlobe 2009 fourth quarter revenues was $72.9m, 1.0% increase compared to the same period last year.
►AAMHatch changes name to AAM.
►Terrasolid to sell Bentley MicroStation bundled with its product suite.
►Topcon Positioning Systems signs a data license agreement with Autodesk.
►REKOD and ScanEx to expand cooperation in Russia.
►Waze partners with Location World.
►Trimble has acquired LET Systems, Ireland.
►NAVGEOCOM is the new ERDAS distributor in Russia.
►TerraServer signs reseller agreement with Aerials Express.
►GNX Technologies will represent SuperGeo in Singapore.
►Luminous ETS appointed reseller of SuperGIS series software in India (except Karnataka).
►Globalstar to deliver 15,000 SPOT satellite communicators from DeLorme.
►Jürgen Dold becomes new President and CEO of Leica Geosystems AG from 1 April 2010.

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