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Japan eyes new air traffic control rule for introduction of drones

The Government of Japan plans to devise a new air traffic control rule to prepare for the Self-Defense Forces’ introduction of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will start studying similar rules in other countries next month to work out a new rule in fiscal 2014 from April. The current aviation law may be revised since it only applies to manned aircraft.

Egypt plans national space agency

According to head of the National Agency for Remote Sensing, Medhat Mokhtar, Egypt is planning to set up a national agency for space. It will be an independent entity from the remote sensing authority. The new agency will directly answer to the presidency of the republic and will allow it to carry out vital and strategic activities that are important to the State.

New satellite imagery for Google Maps and Google Earth by Astrium

Astrium has entered into an agreement with Google Inc. to provide satellite imagery in support of Google Maps, Google Earth and other Google products and services. Under this agreement, Astrium Services will provide newly acquired imagery from its Pléiades and SPOT satellites.

Vietnam takes over control of first remote sensing satellite

Control of Vietnam’s first remote sensing satellite, VNREDSat-1, has been officially handed over to the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) four months after its launch. VNREDSat-1 was sent into orbit on May 7. It is capable of capturing images from all around the world, which will help in assisting emergency services during flooding, forest fires, oil overflow and other serious incidents.

New Photogrammetry Software adapted for UAS-Mounted Sensors

SimActive Inc has launched a new UAS version of its Correlator3D product. It supports all non-metric small-format sensors. SimActive has taken its extensive photogrammetry expertise, where medium and large-format sensors were used for large mapping projects, and adapted it to small-format sensors.

Drone test fl ights planned for Newquay air space

Newquay Cornwall Airport and West Wales Airport have struck a deal to operate the world’s first private facility that allows companies to develop pilotless planes of all sizes.Under the joint banner of the National Aeronautical Centre (NAC), bosses at the two airports believe the move will allow the UK to capitalise on “one of the world’s major economic opportunities”.

RapidEye takes imagery to a higher level with Esri ArcGIS

Users will now have access to RapidEye’s newly launched premium content services including RapidEye Mosaics, RapidEye Living Image Multispectral, and RapidEye Living Image Basemaps. These products are now available through ArcGIS Marketplace which makes finding and buying premium content more convenient than ever before.

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