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FARO 3D cloud-based data management

FARO Technologies, Inc. has released version 2.0 of its well-known web hosting service, SCENE WebShare Cloud. It is the first cloud-based software unleashing the power of fluid 3D viewing of 3D laser scan data within a simple and easyto- use website. For applications within the fields of BIM, architecture, and construction information management (CIM), user-friendly access to reliable as-is information of buildings, plants and construction sites is essential. Users also need immediate access to this data at the office, on the job-site or in transit.

Chandigarh, India to prepare GIS-based master plan

Deciding on land use and planning is set to become easier with the Department of Urban Planning of the Chandigarh Administration planing to prepare the city’s master plan using the GIS. The department will convert the existing master plan into a new one using the GIS technology under the plan. The recently approved master plan documents aspects of land use and future planning using paper. But under the new plan, it will be available through digital maps.

The GIS-based master plans will help in urban planning exercises in developing utilities and infrastructure on a zonal basis. All this will be done using IT tools. This will also help planners know the details at a click of the mouse.

Haryana to use ‘Udaan’ project for detailed digital mapping

With a view to improving urban planning in an Indian state, Haryana government has decided to use experience gained through ‘Udaan’ pilot project, carried out in Sohna tehsil of Gurgaon, for detailed digital mapping of all the cities. The aim of the pilot project is to improve urban planning and assist administration through the use of modern technology. Under the project, images with resolution of 5 centimetres have been acquired using UAV.

The state government was also developing a geo-portal under the Haryana Spatial Data Infrastructure (HSDI) project, in collaboration with Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geo- Informatics (BISAG), Gandhinagar, Gujarat to make available geo-spatial data to all the departments for their planning needs. http://

Pitney announces premium G-NAF solution for businesses in Australia

The National Science and Innovation Agenda (NISA) department of the Government of Australia has publicly released the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF), which was made available on their website on 26 February 2016. In line with this, Pitney Bowes has announced its premium Geocoding solutions for businesses in Australia. The G-NAF provides comprehensive national address file information for all of Australia. Pitney Bowes’ location intelligence technology builds on this, taking the complex structure of G-NAF data and transforming it into a dynamic geocoding solution for a range of industries.

HIPS and SIPS™ 9.1 by Caris

CARIS has announced the release of HIPS and SIPS™ 9.1. This new version includes an alternative method of processing backscatter data which produces high quality mosaics and is based upon industryrecognized algorithms and techniques.

The SIPS Backscatter engine is a single additional step at the end of a traditional multi-beam bathymetry workflow. It is a fresh approach to acoustic imaging by considering both the geometric and radiometric aspects in order to get a fully processed imagery mosaic. It also factors in environmental conditions as well as seafloor topography in the computation. The user can also choose to apply an Angle Varying Gain correction for angular sediment response. In a user friendly way, this new mosaic creation method has been implemented into the standard HIPS and SIPS workflow, with many of the required parameters being captured directly from raw data files.

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