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MAPPS seeks legislation in US Congress

A bill to authorize the program known within the geospatial community as
“Imagery for the Nation” is being presented for introduction in Congress,
MAPPS announced. “‘Map it once, use it many times’ is not only a mantra
in the geospatial community, but it is technologically feasible through the use
of satellite and aerial imagery and GIS. MAPPS is urging Congress in the US to
authorize and fund a program of geospatial image maps through a bill known as the
Making America Prosperous Act, or MAP Act,” said Jeff Lovin, MAPPS President.
Dozens of Federal agencies, virtually every state, and hundreds of regional, local
and tribal units of government acquire imagery each year. “Today, these agencies
each acquire their own imagery. These ad hoc programs result in costly duplication.
A consolidated program provides an economical approach to inter-governmental
use of ortho imagery and help provide data for hundreds of applications in the U.S.
economy,” Lovin said.

CARIS launches Spatial Fusion Enterprise 5.2

CARIS released Spatial Fusion Enterprise (SFE) 5.2 as part of its Ping-to-Chart™
product suite. SFE is web-enabling technology for geospatial information
that aims at leveraging the investment of collecting and maintaining data by making it more visible and accessible to stakeholders.

Intergraph® introduces enhanced Map Publishing Solution

Intergraph® has introduced a newly enhanced geospatial solution to enable
the efficient production of high-quality map products by U.S. state departments
of transportation, military and national mapping agencies around the world.
GeoMedia® Map Publisher is used for enhanced cartographic capabilities
and high levels of map production automation to produce series and ad-hoc
hard copy maps.

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