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Xylariam partnership with Cardinal Geospatial

Xylariam has added Cardinal Geospatial to their robust network of partners. Cardinal Geospatial provides clients the ability to analyze past events, streamline current operations, and guide decisionmaking about the future. They provide custom solutions for a variety of spatiallyenabled industries including UAS, utilities, and the natural resources sector. Xylariam boasts robust development teams, a combination of onshore and offshore individuals, who have worked together for decades.

Geo-data platform by Fugro

Fugro has completed the first phase of a 2-year contract with Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind (Atlantic Shores) to build and manage a centralized, cloudhosted Geodata repository for the company’s lease development off the coast of New Jersey in the US. The web-based engagement platform was recently delivered and utilizes Fugro’s Gaia technology to provide Atlantic Shores and their stakeholders with a single source of updated Geo-data and documentation. To develop the Geo-data repository, Fugro is integrating public datasets and historical project data with realtime field data, including information from Fugro’s ongoing metocean, geophysical, geotechnical and environmental programmes.

RMSI partnership with Enzen UK to support SGN

RMSI has been awarded with a GIS application support and maintenance project for Scotia Gas Network (SGN). The engagement is in partnership with Enzen, as part of which RMSI will manage the Esri-based GIS Application requirements for SGN for a period of 5 years. RMSI will be providing support and maintenance services to SGN for Esri 10.x based applications; GIS Core 10.1.1, GIS PRM & GIS Web 10.1.1 classified as core front-office applications. The project is managed by RMSI professionals providing L2 and L3 support to SGN users on these GIS applications.

Boston University uses Bluesky aerial photomaps

Researchers at Boston University are using high resolution aerial photography to investigate how important coastal ecosystems are responding to climate change. The study focused on an area of salt marsh in Massachusetts which saw an extreme storm event deposit more than 15 years’ worth of sediment onto the marshes. Using high resolution aerial photography from Bluesky researchers were able to examine the deposits in detail recording measurements of deposit’s distribution and total cover. A second survey of the site has recently been completed by Bluesky to map depressions in the marsh surface, called potholes, which are important indicators of how the salt marsh is responding to rising sea level.

Intermap wins contract under OTA from NGA

Intermap Technologies has announced an OT award from the National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency (NGA) to produce continually updated (low latency) foundation data for high-priority national security areas of interest. This award marks Intermap’s return as an NGA contractor for the first time in nine years. Intermap will help NGA change the way foundation data is created, managed and disseminated.

Bentley Systems’ Seequent acquisition of Aarhus GeoSoftware

Bentley Systems recently announced that its Seequent business unit has acquiredDanish companyAarhusGeoSoftware, a developer of geophysical software. Aarhus GeoSoftware,a spinoff company from Aarhus Universityin Denmark, develops the software packages AGS Workbench, SPIA, Res2DInv, and Res3DInv for the processing, inversion, and visualization of geophysical data from ground-based and airborne electromagnetic (EM), electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) remote sensing, and other sources.

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