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GeoCue adds to its UAV/lidar imagery systems

Apr 2023 | No Comment

GeoCue has released the TrueView 535 imaging system for UAVs, and the TrueView 720, its fourth-generation Riegl integration. It also launched its LP360 software add-on called 3D Accuracy and the Accuracy Star hardware.

TrueView 535 is built on TrueView 515’s technology and consists of updated lidar sensors, adding a third return, increasing mapping abilities below canopy. An additional third nadir camera offers another point-of-view and improves photogrammetry quality. It also includes a longer, usable lidar range to increase flexibility.

TrueView 720 is a fourth-generation Riegl VUX-120 with three laser beam orientations. It provides high point-density corridor mapping. Using the Riegl VUX-120 with three laser beam orientations (nadir, +10-degrees forward and –10-degrees backward) and three oblique/nadir cameras enables data collection from more surfaces in one flight path.

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