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May 2015 | No Comment

The global market for third party Internet of Things (IoT) platforms will show solid growth in the next few years, according to Berg Insight.

Mar 2015 | No Comment

Porsche is offering navigation for its classic cars, with a system designed to maintain the classic aesthetic of its old dashboards. Porsche has decided that owners of its classic cars deserve some of this high-tech help, and has designed a sat-nav system to fit into the dash of cars dating back to the 1960’s…

Jan 2015 | No Comment

Facebook is getting even more up close and personal. The main policy change that seems to have grabbed the most intrigue is that It will be using GPS, Bluetooth…

Dec 2014 | No Comment

TomTom’s NavKit has revealed a multiyear deal with Acer to bring its navigation technology to new Acer smartphones. “AcerNAV” is a turn-by-turn navigation application powered by TomTom’s navigation engine, NavKit. It enables users to navigate anywhere in the world, without extra roaming…

Oct 2014 | No Comment

According to Berg Insight report, global shipments of PNDs declined from 28 million units in 2012 to 22 million units in 2013. There are signs that the decline is slowing and some emerging markets still experience growth…

Sep 2014 | No Comment

Swift Navigation has developed a GPS module that comes at a fraction of a cost of competing chips with the same accuracy. To do so, it’s raised $2.6 million in funding to get its low-cost GPS modules embedded into a whole bunch of new devices. And while highly accurate GPS chips are already available for up to $10,000, Swift Navigation makes and sells its chips for about $500.

Aug 2014 | No Comment

NNG and Ayana Navigation Solutions have announced scalable navigation solutions for OEMs in India, thus proving that factory-fitted navigation is available for car owners of all categories. India is becoming a fast-growing market for affordable cars. Within the next six years globally, the share of total production accounted for by low-cost vehicles is set to climb to around 20 percent.

Jul 2014 | No Comment

Sygic has just introduced the next generation of its GPS Navigation application, available on App Store. Update for Android users will be released in the second half of this year. The new native application, the result of three years’ worth of work, was completely remade from the ground up.

Jun 2014 | No Comment

In a recent FCC filing, the Telecommunications Industry Association said that indoor positioning technology is not sufficiently developed to support ongoing wireless E-911 location accuracy requirements…

May 2014 | No Comment

Texas Instruments announced the launch of SimpleLink(TM) Bluetooth(R) low energy CC2541-Q1, a highly-integrated wireless microcontroller (MCU) that delivers low power, low cost…