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Jun 2021 | No Comment

NavVis IVION Core
NavVis, an innovator in mobile mapping and reality capture launched of NavVis IVION Core.
Previously known as NavVis IndoorViewer, NavVis IVION Core is a reality capture platform where you can manage your 3D scans with intuitive tools for creation, collaboration, and publication. NavVis IVION Core makes mobile mapping workflows more efficient, speeds …

Apr 2021 | No Comment

18th century fort brought to Life with LiDAR and 3D Modeling
A Canadian archaeologist has used advanced mapping and visualization technologies to bring one of the earliest European settlements in North America back to life. Dr. Jonathan Fowler combined a centuries-old map with a modern 3D terrain model to portray Fort Anne and its surrounding …

Mar 2021 | No Comment

Global Mapper v22.1
Blue Marble Geographics has released version 22.1 of Global Mapper. The version 22.1 release includes several enhancements to the software’s 3D Viewer including, a new ‘Save 3D Views’ function and 3D View navigation tools to target the camera on specific features and lock the pivot axis around a feature of interest. The …

Jan 2021 | No Comment

The Autonomous Saildrone Surveyor Preps for Its Sea Voyage
The 72-foot-long vessel is launched recently into the bay from its dock at a former naval base in Alameda, California. It is designed to spend months at sea mapping the seafloor with powerful sonar devices, while simultaneously scanning the ocean surface for genetic material to identify …

Dec 2020 | No Comment

PointFuse launches ‘PointFuse Pro’
PointFuse software which enables the fast, easy creation of intelligent mesh models of any environment from point cloud data has extended its product portfolio in tandem with the latest release going live, version 2020.02. Available immediately following research with current customers, a new version of the software has been created called …

Nov 2020 | No Comment

Promoting GIS in Africa
Esri has announced a joint initiative with AfroChampions, a Pan-African nonprofit that aims to promote policies that foster private-public collaboration for Africa’s economic transformation. The goal of the initiative is to engage leaders in business, governments, the African Union, and other regional economic communities through dialogue and potential partnership building in …

Oct 2020 | No Comment

Doing Business – Data Irregularities Statement
The World Bank Group has issued the following statement on August 27, 2020 on the Doing Business Report:
Over the 17 years of its existence, the Doing Business report has been a valued tool for countries seeking to measure costs of doing business. Doing Business indicators and methodology are …

Sep 2020 | No Comment

Bentley Systems’ The Cohesive Companies
Bentley Systems, Incorporated has announced that its Acceleration Fund has launched The Cohesive Companies, a wholly owned subsidiary, anchored by the acquisition of Atlanta-based Cohesive Solutions. The new business venture will include the services team from Bentley’s AssetWise business and the offerings of Bentley, Cohesive, and IBM’s Maximo to support the …

Jul 2020 | No Comment

Survey of India to use drones for mapping of villages in India
Survey of India (SoI) has now approval from DGCA for high definition aerial mapping of villages in India using drones. The mapping agency of India got permission for the purpose under the SVAMITVA scheme of Ministry of Panchayati Raj which stands for ‘Survey …

Jul 2020 | No Comment

Scotland joins the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement
The first collective geospatial agreement for Great Britain allowing the public sector from England, Wales and Scotland to access Ordnance Survey (OS) geospatial data and expertise has been achieved.
The Scottish Government and Geospatial Commission have agreed that from 19 May 2020 Scotland …